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    • Bill Gates Warns That A Devastating Pandemic Is Right Around The Corner
      A pandemic is one of the world’s top three threats, and if not prepared for, could wipe out 30 million people in less than a year, philanthropist Bill Gates says.Microsoft’s co-founder said at the Munich Security Conference in Germany Saturday that we’re due for an apocalyptic sickness on the scale of the 1918 flu, which killed some 50 million people. The global crisis could strike in the next 10-15 years if we’re not careful, Gates warned.Bioterrorism has become feasible enough, he said, that a genetic engineer could use computers to create a synthetic airborne pathogen capable of wiping out a fraction of the world’s population quickly.“The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist intent on using genetic engineering to create a synthetic version of the smallpox virus,” he said, “or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu.”But even if terrorists aren’t to blame, nature is likely to take its course.“Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year,” Gates said. “And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.”Gates, who has been working to improve global health for 20 years, has long warned of such an outbreak, but the bio-terrorism angle appears to have sped up the “Doomsday Clock,” a symbolic warning of the likelihood of a global catastrophe.Fears over pandemic have risen recently, as the World Health Organization reported in January that a new avian flu outbreak that was first detected late last year has affected at least 40 countries. Other strains of the virus have affected millions dating back to 2013.Gates’ speech (an abridged version can be found at Business Insider) wasn’t all hell and high water. He said we’re underprepared for a global pandemic, but we have the technology to work on vaccines and other drugs. We just need the investment.“I view the threat of deadly pandemics right up there with nuclear war and climate change. Innovation, cooperation, and careful planning can dramatically mitigate the risks presented by each of these threats,” Gates said. “I’m optimistic that a decade from now, we can be much better prepared for a lethal epidemic—if we’re willing to put a fraction of what we spend on defense budgets and new weapons systems into e…
      - 16 hours ago, 18 Feb 17, 7:10pm -
    • Outdoor Gear Show Folds Its Tents Over Utah's Attacks On Public Lands
      The state of Utah just let a very big fish off its hook.After months of sparring with Utah politicians over their repeated attacks on public land protections, including the creation of Bears Ears National Monument, the world’s largest outdoor retail show has decided to part ways with Salt Lake City and find a new home.The decision was announced Thursday after officials of Outdoor Retailer, the Outdoor Industry Association, Patagonia, The North Face and REI participated in what clearly proved to be a fruitless teleconference with Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. “Salt Lake City has been hospitable to Outdoor Retailer and our industry for the past 20 years, but we are in lockstep with the outdoor community and are working on finding our new home,” Marisa Nicholson, show director for Outdoor Retailer, said in a statement. In its own announcement, the Outdoor Industry Association, one of several sponsors of the biannual event in Salt Lake, said it is clear the Republican governor has a different perspective ― one it feels is “bad for our American heritage” and the 1,200 businesses it represents.“It is important to our membership, and to our bottom line that we partner with states and elected officials who share our views on the truly unique American value of public lands for the people and conserving our outdoor heritage for the next generation,” Amy Roberts, executive director of Outdoor Industry Association, said in a statement. The biannual outdoor gear show has been held in Salt Lake for more than two decades. Each year, it draws hundreds of brands and suppliers, and roughly 40,000 visitors. It generates $45 million for the Salt Lake economy.In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, a spokesman for Herbert said Outdoor Retailer’s decision is “offensive” and “reflects a gross ingratitude” for the city of Salt Lake. “It perpetuates the false narrative that Utah — a state that derives much of its inspiration and identity from its iconic public lands, a state that invests tens of millions of dollars into the protection of and access to its public lands — is somehow hostile to those public lands,” Edwards said in an email to the newspaper. “It shows how a political agenda, rather than reason or merit, seems to have captured the decision-making at the Outdoor Industry Association.”The association, however, says Utah has “a long history of anti-public land sentiment and action,” including supporting…
      - 1 day ago, 18 Feb 17, 1:11am -
    • The Tech Talk
      Kids and tech are the 21st Century’s birds and bees—a topic parents don’t want to talk about, but need to start as soon as possible. While the “how soon is too soon to introduce your child to tech” debate varies from household to household, conversely, delaying any tech talk can create missed opportunities down the line—particularly for girls.To change around the culture of fear and guilt when it comes to kids and tech, we have to look to the adults. When parents and educators worry about what too much technology exposure can do to a child, adults can become riddled with anxiety, even experiencing “tech shame,” a feeling of being judged over the amount of screen time they give their children. In result, tech encouragement is withheld, cutting kids off from learning how to use, adapt, and create tools that are not only changing the world, but are also helping to level the playing field.Embracing tech is to thrive, as shown in a 2013 EdTech Review. It was reported that educational apps increased the vocabularies of 3-year-olds by 17%; that more than 600 school districts from around the nation use tablets instead of textbooks; and that of all the parents polled, 77% agreed mobile technology helped their child’s learning and curiosity grow. These positive statistics show what tech offers both in and out of the classroom, but on the other side of the Bitcoin, restricting tech education can be just as detrimental as it is promising, especially when it comes to job growth.In a 2016 study from Girls Who Code, research suggests that if nothing is done to encourage computer science to women, in 10 years the number of women in tech will fall from 24% to 22%. It’s exactly these kind of conflicting, concerning numbers that inspired me to create Dot.Dot. was born out of two needs: First, as a parent in this tech-focused world myself, I wanted to inspire innovation for the next generation of tech savvy leaders, not stifle it. And second, as a woman in an industry dominated by white men, I wanted to inspire young girls and people of color to learn about technology. With Dot., I hope to help uncover what it means to be a child in the modern digital age. She teaches healthy digital citizenry and helps further the practice of responsible tech behavior. But while Dot. promotes a healthy balance of playfulness and tech, I didn’t just create Dot. for kids—Dot. is for the parents too.It’s up to parents to give children the tools they’ll need to be su…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 5:00pm -
    • Samsung Chief Jay Y. Lee Arrested Over Alleged Role In Corruption Scandal
      SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Group chief Jay Y. Lee was arrested on Friday over his alleged role in a corruption scandal rocking the highest levels of power in South Korea, dealing a fresh blow to the technology giant and standard-bearer for Asia’s fourth-largest economy.The special prosecutor’s office accuses Lee of bribing a close friend of President Park Geun-hye to gain government favors related to leadership succession at the conglomerate. It said on Friday it will indict him on charges including bribery, embezzlement, hiding assets overseas and perjury.The 48-year-old Lee, scion of the country’s richest family, was taken into custody at the Seoul Detention Centre early on Friday after waiting there overnight for the decision. He was being held in a single cell with a TV and desk, a jail official said.Lee is a suspect in an influence-peddling scandal that led parliament to impeach Park in December, a decision that if upheld by the Constitutional Court would make her the country’s first democratically elected leader forced from office.Samsung and Lee have denied wrongdoing in the case.Prosecutors have up to 10 days to indict Lee, Samsung’s third-generation leader, although they can seek an extension. After indictment, a court would be required to make its first ruling within three months.Prosecutors plan to question Lee again on Saturday.No decision had been made on whether Lee’s arrest would be contested or whether bail would be sought, a spokeswoman for Samsung Group [SARG.UL] said.“We will do our best to ensure that the truth is revealed in future court proceedings,” the Samsung Group said in a brief statement after Lee’s arrest.The same court had rejected a request last month to arrest Lee, but prosecutors this week brought additional accusations against him.“We acknowledge the cause and necessity of the arrest,” a judge said in his ruling.The judge rejected the prosecution’s request to also arrest Samsung Electronics president Park Sang-jin.Shares in Samsung Electronics ended Friday down 0.42 percent in a flat wider market.Ratings agencies did not expect any impact on the flagship firm’s credit ratings, and said Lee’s arrest would accelerate improvements in management transparency and corporate governance. SENSITIVE TIMEWhile Lee’s detention is not expected to hamper day-to-day operations at Samsung firms, which are run by professional managers, experts said it could hinder strategic…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 8:37am -
    • Shaky Dams Are Just The Start; 56,000 Bridges Are Also In Trouble
      Nearly 56,000 bridges in the U.S. are “structurally deficient,” a new report finds.The bridges are traversed an estimated 185 million times daily. Among the highest- profile “deficient” bridges are New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge and the Arlington Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C.“Structurally deficient” doesn’t necessarily mean the bridges are unsafe, but that they need attention. To earn the rating, one or more key bridge elements ― such as the deck, superstructure or substructure — must be in “poor” or worse condition, according to the report.“Just because a bridge is classified as structurally deficient doesn’t mean that it’s unsafe to drive on,” Peter Jones with Caltrans in California told ABC-7 News. “Those roads are perfectly safe.”  The 14 most-traveled deficient bridges are in California, and 10 of those are in Los Angeles, notes The Associated Press.The study was conducted by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, which has a vested interested in fixing up spans, but the findings are based on data from the Department of Transportation. Almost 174,000 bridges (more than 1 out of 4 of all the bridges in America) are at least 50 years old and have never had major reconstruction work. Some 1,900 of the structurally deficients bridge are on interstate highways, the study found.Iowa, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska have the highest number of bridges with problems, according to the report. States with some of the highest percentages of structurally deficient bridges include Rhode Island (25 percent), Pennsylvania (21 percent), and Iowa and South Dakota (20 percent).Six percent of the bridges in Minnesota are structurally deficient. In 2007 bridge collapse in Minneapolis killed 13 people dead and injured dozens of others.The news comes just as dams are giving Americans the jitters after a rupture in the spillway at Oroville Lake in Northern California forced the evacuation of some 200,000 people. Other California dams are in trouble as are other systems in the U.S. The nation’s aging dams, most of them a half-century old, has earned a “D” from the American Society of Civil Engineers.President Donald Trump has proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure program for the next decade, but the source of funding hasn’t been identified. He also needs $21.6 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico.type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Cove…
      - 2 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 7:45am -
    • Scarier Than 'Psycho': Twitter Erupts Over Trump's 'Bats**t' Press Conference
      - 2 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 5:15am -
    • Giphy Adds 2,000 Sign Language GIFs To Its Library
      American Sign Language is the main method of communication for Americans who are deaf or hearing impaired. It’s taught in some high schools and universities, but if you’re beyond those years, there’s still hope for learning ― and a simple one at that. Giphy has added more than 2,000 instructional sign language GIFs to its library, Mashable reports. The clips, which are free to access, demonstrate signs for everything from common sayings and expressions to cooking terms, clothing items and travel phrases. Giphy cut the GIFs from episodes of Sign With Robert, an instructional video series whose host Robert DeMayo has been deaf since birth. His GIFs repeat the signs in an endless loop that’s easy to study, along with facial expressions that many may not realize are a key part of ASL. Access the library now, and start practicing! -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 2 days ago, 17 Feb 17, 12:41am -
    • 20 Savage (And Sad) Texts People Wish They Could Send Their Exes
      There are times after a breakup when you come *this* close to texting your ex. Thanks to a genius new Google spreadsheet titled “things i wanna text my ex,” there’s now a place to redirect all those potentially embarrasing messages.Created by 24-year-old Princeton grad Sean Drohan, the public doc gives the brokenhearted a chance to anonymously share anything left unsaid post-split. The would-be texts range from laugh-out-loud funny to genuinely sad. Some check both boxes ― “I loved your dog more than I ever loved you,” one reads. In an interview with Refinery29, Drohan said he has firsthand experience with sending regrettable ex texts. “There’s plenty I would like to say to my exes (and too much I’ve already said),” Drohan said. “People enjoy anonymous opportunities to cry into the ether.” Below, some of the most interesting unsent texts from the spreadsheet: 1. “If you had spent less time cheating and more time canvassing, Hillary would have took Iowa.” 2. “I’m getting just as many gifts from you for Valentine’s this year as I did when we were dating.”3. “I knew it was over when you told me your favorite movie was ‘Garden State.’”4. “Thanks for introducing me to ‘Happy Endings’ ― glad you got back together with your husband.”5. “After you broke up with me I went into your pantry, a sobbing mess, and took your Nutella lol.”6. “I pretend I’m over you, but I spend all day staring at an open Gchat box waiting for it to say ‘typing...’” 7. “I’m better off without you and I wish I realized that five years sooner.”8. “Your dick was great but your heart is not.”9. “You made me feel like I was simultaneously too much and not enough and I hate you for it.” 10. “I wore your deodorant all the time. That’s why you were always running out.” 11. “I broke up with you because you refused to listen to ‘Hamilton’ with me and I know you just saw it with your entire family. Guess you didn’t care about it when I told you you’d like it, but you were OK to see it when you knew what a great Instagram it would make in front of the marquee.” 12. “Can you tell your mom that we’re not getting back together so she will stop texting me on holidays?” 13. “My biggest regret was ever kissing you. In that moment, I crossed the line that best friends could never cross.”14. “Sometimes I log into your Netflix account just to see w…
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 10:53pm -
    • Hilarious Video Shows Two Babies 'Chatting' Via FaceTime
      Babies seem to speak their own language. And this viral YouTube video suggests there’s some truth to that.California dad Richard Igou posted a video of his daughter having a “conversation” with a fellow baby via FaceTime. Needless to say, it’s pretty hilarious. Watch the full video above for some real “baby talk.”H/T Tastefully Offensive -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 8:38pm -
    • This 'Homoji' Keyboard Brings Queer Shorthand To Your Text Messages
      Members of the gay community now have a new and amusing way to express themselves in text messages, thanks to a colorful emoji keyboard. Produced by MajestyK Apps, the “Homojis” made their debut on Valentine’s Day, allowing users to share thoughts such as “slay” and “yaas” visually and succinctly. Other images include a rainbow-clad “gym bunny” and a quirky “otter,” descriptive terms used by gay men to identify themselves within the community at large.  The keyboard, which is available on the Apple iTunes store, premiered Tuesday with more than 100 unique emojis, although new ones will be added down the line. The concept, MajestyK’s Vice President Mark Garcia said in a press release, was “to create a social experience that truly speaks to how gay men and women communicate with one another.” It’s a perfectly digital way to encourage acceptance and keep up with gay culture, one text message at a time. Check out some of the “Homojis” below.  For the latest news that matters to the LGBTQ community, don’t miss the Queer Voices newsletter. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 8:31pm -

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    • CEO Responds To 7-Year-Old Girl Who Asked 'Google Boss' For A Job
      A 7-year-old with big dreams in England wrote a letter to Google about working for the company one day ― and she received an encouraging response.On Monday, Andy Bridgewater posted a photo on Twitter of a letter his 7-year-old daughter Chloe received from Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. Chloe previously sent the company a letter addressed to “Google Boss” to let its employees know to keep an eye out for her application in the future. “My name is Chloe and when I am bigger I would like a job with Google,” she wrote. “I also want to work in a chocolate factory and do swimming in the Olympics.” (Same here, Chloe.)Chloe wrote that she loves computers and robots and that her teachers told her parents that she is “very good in class and good at [her] spelling.” She also thanked the “Google Boss” for reading her letter since the only other letter she ever sent was addressed to Father Christmas.Chloe’s skills seemed enough for Pichai, who wrote a response. In his letter, the CEO applauded Chloe’s interests in technology and offered some encouraging advice. “I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to ― from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics,” he wrote.He added that he looked forward to getting her job application, after she finishes school, of course. Bridgewater wrote on Twitter that his daughter was thrilled to receive a letter from Pichai. He also celebrated his daughter’s impressive ambition.“Well done, my angel!” he wrote in a tweet. “Mum and I are so proud.”The HuffPost Parents newsletter offers a daily dose of personal stories, helpful advice and comedic takes on what it’s like to raise kids today. Sign up here. -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 7:48pm -
    • Why The Tech Industry Needs A “Day Without Immigrants”
      By Amy Bhatt and Sareeta AmruteOn #ADayWithoutImmigrants, workers who are vital to the operation of restaurants to agriculture to healthcare stayed home to protest the current White House’s appalling immigration policy agenda. Visibly missing from these protests were the scores of immigrants from India (though not all) who keep the U.S. technology and finance sectors running as temporary workers.Why is this the case? Among Indians, there have been mixed responses about the White House actions, even though Indians are the second largest immigrant group after Mexicans and the fastest growing population of undocumented immigrants. In a 2016 campaign video, the current president declared that Indians and Indian Americans would have a true friend in the White House in Hindi. While the video was ridiculed as clumsy pandering, it was also praised by Indian American groups who saw a strong leader willing to take a hard line. Many from those right-wing Hindu groups celebrated when this president banned travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries.The next series of leaked executive orders on immigration should give those same supporters pause. The draft of the “Executive Order on Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs” promises to crack down on popular temporary worker visas such as the H-1B, the majority of which go to Indians. Though the EO remains vague, some of its content echoes multiple bi-partisan bills introduced in Congress by Darrel Issa (R-CA), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and others.There are several problems with this approach. First, finding enough qualified workers to fill vacancies in the tight labor markets of the tech and finance industries (which use the majority of H-1Bs) is a major problem. In these two sectors, unemployment is almost half of the national rate of 4.8 percent. Restricting companies’ ability to hire the most qualified workers from a global pool further narrows the already intense competition for talent. It also blames foreign workers for American unemployment, not cuts to education and training programs. Without these training opportunities, new U.S. workers will not magically materialize.Second, the pledge to “review all regulations that allow foreign nationals to work in the United States” is a thinly veiled reference to counteracting President Obama’s executive order granting the spouses of temporary workers the right to work. Revo…
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 6:20pm -
    • This Austrian Cafe Charges Extra For People To Charge Their Phones
      Grumpy waiter service is as traditional as apple strudel in Vienna, but a cafe in one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks has caused disquiet with what seems to be an Austrian first: charging customers for charging their phones.Tired of tourists powering up batteries for hours, cafe owner Galina Pokorny has introduced a 1 euro ($1.06) fee for those who plug in their mobiles for too long.“Tourists - always electricity, electricity, electricity. Sorry but who is going to pay me for it?” said Pokorny, owner of the Terrassencafe im Hundertwasserhaus - located inside a colorful patchwork of apartments designed by artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.Customers who charge up during a 15-minute coffee can still do so for free, she said. An hour, however, is beyond the pale.“I run a cafe, not an internet cafe,” she said, adding that she knew of no other cafes that levy a similar charge.“It’s getting more and more extreme. People come and think everything is accessible and free... You don’t even open your eyes in the morning for free.”Pokorny introduced the charge last year, she said, but it gained attention on Wednesday when tabloid Oesterreich published the “bizarre bill” one of its reporters was presented with, featuring the 1 euro charge for “electricity.”The fee also applies to laptops and tablets, and for those using more than one outlet is multiplied by the number of devices plugged in. Disgruntled customers can take some comfort from the fact that wireless internet access is still free. (Reporting by Francois Murphy; editing by John Stonestreet) -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 5:22pm -
    • This Animation Perfectly Captures The Weirdness Of Donald Trump’s Handshake
      President Donald Trump may claim to know the art of the deal, but it seems he’s yet to master the art of the handshake.The bizarre way he often greets people has come to the fore in recent days after video of his extended handshake with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe went viral, before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found a way to counter the move.With that in mind, freelance CGI animator Anders Ryttar paid tribute to Trump’s odd hip-jerking clasps with this computer generated GIF: “I felt that Trump’s handshake thing was so bizarre that the idea came to me instantly,” the Sweden-based Ryttar told The Huffington Post via email on Thursday. “Sometimes you just have to do stuff that is just fun and not terribly serious.”Ryttar’s clip went viral after online image sharing community, Imgur, shared it to Twitter. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was among the thousands of people to retweet it.“I feel flattered of course,” Ryttar said of the attention his animation had received. He added he would have “spent a bit more than three hours on it had I known so many people would look at it.”type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58a5596ce4b037d17d24dae2,58a571a8e4b045cd34beb652,58820c24e4b070d8cad1ead2,58a2b005e4b0ab2d2b187d93 -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 12:53pm -
    • Genius Browser Extension Turns Donald Trump's Tweets Into Childish Scribbles
      Give President Donald Trump’s tweets the childish makeover they so often deserve with “The Daily Show’s” new internet browser extension.Free to download for Google Chrome or Firefox, it transforms the commander in chief’s social media tirades into the scribbles of an 8-year-old, as below:We made a browser extension that converts Trump’s Tweets into their rightful state: a child’s scribble. Download:— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) February 15, 2017 On its website, the late night show revealed it just wanted to convert Trump’s tweets “back into their rightful state.”If you’re not a fan of this extension, there are awesome alternative versions. You can give his tweets the Comic Sans treatment, replace images of Trump with kittens or cheeseburgers or mentions of his name with that of Harry Potter’s nemesis Lord Voldemort.Or you could take the nuclear option by using the “Trump Filter” to completely erase all trace of the president from your browser.type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58820c24e4b070d8cad1ead2,58a454e7e4b03df370dc0486,58a2d94be4b03df370d9cbab,589ec37ee4b0ab2d2b157f58 -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.
      - 3 days ago, 16 Feb 17, 10:29am -

    Small Business

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    • 6 Key Business Benefits Of UCaaS Show Why Businesses Need It Now
      Communicating at work should be as simple as pulling up a chair, anywhere. Knowledge workers carry the essential communication tools with them: cellphones, laptops and their inquisitive minds. In their daily lives outside of work, video, instant messaging and consumer cloud apps help today's people share information with friends and family. Teams now want to apply similar tools to be more productive at work. Knowledge workers who bring their own mobile devices to work can be more effective and save the company hardware expenses--but only if their office messages, files and contacts stay in sync, and their valuable data is safe within the network.While small- and medium-sized businesses' (SMB's) telecommunications networks have become more proficient at serving more devices and connecting them to the cloud, they may not be able to offer the effective bandwidth increase, speed and security required. For next-generation telecommunications providers, the new Unified Communications (UC) solutions will be as transformative as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) was a decade ago. Now, Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, makes telecom the backbone for real-time video conferencing, screen sharing presence and instant messaging.SMB's use online collaboration services to relay messages clearly and move discussion along without buffering or other video streaming quality issues. A capable network brings a far-flung team together regardless of geographical boundaries and keeps them engaged in solving business problems instead of fixing conference-line glitches. They can contribute to a meeting on the way to the office, and enter a virtual conference room ready to share slides, various document types, graphics, charts and much more.Making the case: Lower costs with UCaaSThe current business climate makes upgrading a communications network particularly challenging. Gartner this year forecasts flat IT spending worldwide--and that's actually an improvement on early estimates. For that reason, IT managers turn to economical UCaaS solutions. These hosted UC services make full use of cloud capabilities to extend communication resources. They share six major advantages: 1. No upfront expenses. UCaaS shifts a business's cost of designing solutions in an increasing complex space to an experienced service provider. Leased phones and equipment allow companies to adopt new technologies and set up shop in new locations without worrying about features bec…
      - 17 Oct 16, 1:53pm -
    • Evaluating Trump's Immigration Plan: Facts To Bring Down A Wall Of Fiction
      In the past few weeks, Donald Trump's zig-zags on his immigration positions have been dizzying for the public. Because of his unconventional presidential campaign style, he has managed, thus far, to avoid the usual scrutiny and analysis that all candidates normally face. For us in the Latino and immigrant community, his speech in Arizona represents more of the same as we have directly felt the impact of his words for over a year.With the election nearing, it is about time to look beyond the rhetoric and unravel the truth behind his declarations. In particular, now that Trump has reaffirmed his extreme nativist position on immigration, we have to examine seriously and thoroughly his "10-point plan." Correlating his statements with reality takes a concerted effort, so let us tackle his points one-by-one. Before delving into each point, it is important to highlight the overall contribution of immigrants to this country. In fact, studies have shown that immigrants contribute over $700 billion to the U.S. economy each year. In 2011, it amounted to $743 billion in total wage, salary, and business proprietor income. In addition, according to the Brookings Institute, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a small business and three times more likely to file a patent. Furthermore, contrary to Trump's assertions and portrayals of immigrants, both documented and undocumented as criminals, there is ample evidence that demonstrates otherwise. In fact, according to the New Yorker's Eyal Press in his recent article, studies by Harvard sociologist, Robert Sampson, have shown that incidences of crime decrease in neighborhoods with an influx of immigrants. These studies have reported that immigrants contribute to the revitalization of neighborhoods, thereby advancing economic growth and development. Also, immigrant communities are marked by their drive to improve the wellbeing of their families with immigrants focused on economic advancement and educational achievements for their children.With this context in mind, let us explore the Trump plan.1. Complete the border wall.Building a wall in the fashion that Donald Trump envisions along the entire 1,989 miles of the U.S.-Mexican border is not only costly but also highly unrealistic. The Washington Post estimated the cost of an actual physical barrier across the border at more than $25 billion. And, as the BBC reported in its recent story, the plan will mean extension into remote areas, as well as incursi…
      - 9 Sep 16, 4:58pm -
    • The Entrepreneur's Guide To Freaking Out
      By Liz GutmanAnxiety is a totally normal and even expected part of running your own business. Here's how to keep from being crippled by it. As the public face of my company, I encounter a lot of pressure to appear as though I'm 100% together at all times.But, in truth, as an entrepreneur, there is no way to completely avoid freaking out. So many things constantly come at you - staffing issues, tax worries, equipment malfunctions - it would take a miracle to achieve a state of never-ever-freak-outedness. But when it all seems overwhelming and impossible, know that you can (and will!) get through it. Here's how:1. BREATHEI know - it's a total cliché. But it's everyone's number one piece of advice for a reason: it works, as long as you really commit. No, taking one big deep breath usually isn't enough. If you find yourself starting to clench up or getting that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, take a moment. Sit (or stand) with both feet planted flat on the floor. Close your eyes. Breathe in for a slow three-count - one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand - hold for another slow three-count and breathe out for a slow five-count. Do this at least ten times.Now open your eyes. Better?2. MOVEI battled severe anxiety long before becoming an entrepreneur, and it was a revelation to discover how much regular exercise helps calm my mind.It doesn't have to be hardcore. I used to run, but now I go for brisk walks of about 30 minutes in the morning instead. Walking isn't quite as exciting as running, but can be even more beneficial (see links here, here and here) than more strenuous activity. Take a stroll on your lunch break, stretch or do gentle yoga before bedtime, knock out some jumping jacks while you're watching Netflix. Any of these things will help as long as you stay consistent (I shoot for three times a week). It's an investment that pays off if you keep doing it! You'll be amazed at how much it improves your outlook.3. ASK FOR HELPThis may be the easiest-said and hardest-done piece of advice out there. I have massive issues with asking for help; it's especially hard for entrepreneurs and even more so for women. We spend our entire lives internalizing messages to be quiet, be nice, don't make a fuss, figure it out. "Quiet strength" seems like an admirable quality until you think about the nuances of that subtly oppressive first word: quiet. Don't be quiet. Reach out. Ask a friend to spend some time with you. F…
      - 9 Sep 16, 2:29am -
    • Airbnb's Work To Fight Bias And Discrimination
      Over the course of my career, I've learned that lasting change often begins with tough, honest conversations, genuine self-reflection, followed by bold action. In the last half century, we've made tremendous progress toward realizing our civil rights and equal opportunity goals. But we still have a long way to go. We need to talk about, and then take action to end, the discrimination, prejudice, and inequality that still exists -- not only in our laws, but in our schools, our neighborhoods, and our businesses. That's in part because the way in which bias manifests itself keeps evolving. At the beginning of this century, few predicted that the internet would become such a pervasive tool for cyber bullying or religious extremism, or would so often be used to communicate and enable discrimination and division. Airbnb is no exception. Their mission is to connect people from around the globe and foster a sense of belonging. But despite those good intentions, some Airbnb users have been turned away from booking accommodations because of their name, background or skin color. Understanding that one case is one too many, the company reached out to me and to Laura Murphy, the former chief of the ACLU's Washington legislative office, to work with them to determine how to greatly diminish -- with the goal of eliminating -- discrimination on its platform. I agreed to help because from the first time we spoke, Airbnb's leadership team was willing to have that tough, uncomfortable conversation, and because they had the humility and courage to ask for help in the first place. That told me that their goal was to fix the problem, not simply to respond to public criticism. Airbnb's leadership team was willing to have that tough, uncomfortable conversation. Throughout the last three months, under Laura's leadership, Airbnb has conducted a rigorous, thorough and inclusive review of its technology and its policies. The review included conversations with employees at every level of the company, Airbnb hosts and victims of discrimination, and outside experts. It also included outreach to civil rights organizations, regulators and federal and state lawmakers. The result is one of the most detailed and honest reviews of a company's role in fighting discrimination, including where efforts fell short, that I've ever witnessed. That review -- which I believe provides a model for our growing "sharing economy" and the role internet companies play in unintentionally…
      - 8 Sep 16, 3:05pm -
    • Computers Are For Girls, Too
      I remember three things about my first computer science class in college. First, improbably, the professor was named Ramm, as in "random access memory." Second, the class was about processors, and I only had a vague idea what a processor was. Third, it was the last computer science class for most of my female classmates, who quickly decided they'd rather major in something else.I never would have guessed that my time as a computer science student would turn out to be pretty much the high water mark for women in the field. The percentage of computer science majors who are women has gone down from 37 percent in 1984 to just 18 percent today. In other words, on average my daughters are half as likely to major in computer science as I was 30 years ago. My daughters are half as likely to major in computer science as I was 30 years ago.But the young women in this video are defying these odds -- they're pursuing careers in computer science and dismantling stereotypes about the field. I love hearing them talk about the sense of empowerment and joy that coding brings them. Kimberly got a standing ovation from her high school English classmates when she demonstrated a book review app she made. Kayla is preserving and sharing the rich history of her community with an app that customizes multimedia walking tours. Courtney helped design the landing legs on a rocket when she interned at SpaceX!The gross underrepresentation of women in computer science is not just a problem for the girls who are left out. It's a problem for all of us, because we're not benefitting from the creativity girls have to offer. There's a mountain of research showing that diversity makes for better companies and better products -- that we're more innovative when we work in teams with different kinds of people -- yet the gender diversity in tech has been getting worse for decades.One reason why is that somewhere along the way, society decided that computers are for boys. Or, as Aishwarya says, "guys in hoodies." And this toxic stereotype becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, virtually guaranteeing that computer science is indeed a male-dominated field.First, since girls aren't supposed to be into computers, they aren't exposed to computer science when they're young, and even if they are, they often aren't encouraged to pursue their interests in the field. That helps explain why only 22 percent of the high school students who take the AP computer science exam today are girls. Kayla…
      - 23 Aug 16, 8:42pm -
    • 37 Times Donald Trump Should Have Apologized
      Yesterday, Donald Trump read the following off a teleprompter in Charlotte, North Carolina:Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain.It's a clever line. Hats off to Donald's speechwriter. But that's all it is: a line from a teleprompter.For most of us, an apology involves looking someone in the eye and taking responsibility for what you did. But Trump didn't even bother to tell us what he regrets saying or who he regrets hurting over the past year.Here's the truth: over the past year, Donald Trump has tried to insult and bully his way to the White House. He has fabricated lies and invented bizarre conspiracy theories to stoke racial animus and divide the American people. He repeatedly made racist remarks about a federal judge's heritage and attacked a Gold Star family because of their faith. He has preyed upon the most vulnerable and disparaged our men and women in uniform in his power-hungry quest for the presidency.Even after winning his party's nomination, he has acted more like a Bully-in-Chief than a future leader of our country.In Trump's warped world, it might be enough to vaguely say that you have regrets. But Trump owes the people he has attacked and bullied so much more than that. He needs to explain exactly what he regrets--and then sincerely apologize to the individuals, families and communities to whom he has caused personal pain.Here's where he could start:1.Slandering Mexican immigrants: "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." [Campaign kickoff speech, 6/16/15]2.Criticizing former POW Sen. John McCain: "He's not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured." [Politico, 7/18/15]3.Criticizing Fox News host Megyn Kelly: "I have no respect for her...You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever." [CNN, 8/7/15]4.Calling children of immigrants "anchor babies" [Fox News (reported by CBS), 8/19/15]5.Questioning then-opponent Ben Carson's religion: "I just don't know about" the Seventh-Day Adventist church [Washington Post, 10/25/15]6.Mocking a disabled reporter: "'I don't know what I said. I don't remember!' He's going, 'I don't remember!'" [South Carolina rally, 11/22/15]7.Claiming…
      - 19 Aug 16, 9:24pm -
    • 5 Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Surviving A Plane Crash
      The odds of getting into a plane crash are low. Very low. In fact, your odds are only 1 in 8,357 of dying in an "air and space transport incident," as the National Safety Council calls it. In fact, you are more likely to die from a lightning strike than to face an aircraft evacuation. But, the reality is, every time you strap yourself to the seat in a metal tube as it hurls itself through the air, you are facing the possibility of an emergency evacuation.Recent events such as the crash of Emirates flight 521 are a reminder that as safe as air travel is, quick thinking flight attendants and a competent flight crew can mean the difference life and death. Long lines, tight spaces, and elbow rubbing with strangers is now the norm when it comes to air travel. Although packed planes only add to the chaos during an evacuation, with a little foresight and these tips, you will find yourself better prepared in the unlikely event of an emergency.1. Keep your shoes on during take-off and landing.Taxi, take-off, and landing are the most critical phases of flight. They are so crucial that flight attendants and pilots are prohibited from communicating with each other unless they are discussing an issue related to the safety of the flight. It is okay to slip your shoes off during flight, but putting your shoes back on prior to landing will prevent you from having to run barefoot across a jet-fuel soaked tarmac. 2. Do not drink or take medication to help you relax.Sometimes nerves, the desire to start vacation early, or down right fear of flying will cause a passenger to drink alcoholic beverages or take a prescription medication to ease the stress of air travel. And while a cocktail is alright, keep in mind that your blood will be thinner at the high altitude even after cabin pressurization, and this can make the effects of alcohol feel more pronounced. When it comes to prescription medications, make sure you discuss your travel plans and anxieties with your doctor. The chances of surviving a plane crash hinge on two things: the ability of the flight attendants to get the exits open and your ability to get yourself to the exit. Make sure you are sober-minded enough to think clearly and move quickly.3. Consider the type of aircraft.Every type of aircraft is different. Even if you fly all the time, you are more than likely flying on different types of airplanes and sitting in different seats each time you take to the sky. Every time you get on a plane, take a…
      - 11 Aug 16, 9:11pm -
    • Driving Growth Through Inclusive Entrepreneurship
      This week we recognize August 4th as Startup Day Across America, a time to celebrate entrepreneurs and the jobs they create. It's also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges that our entrepreneurs face and explore solutions to allow the best and brightest minds to succeed. Our country's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative minds are the lifeblood of the American economy.Our country's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative minds are the lifeblood of the American economy. America's startups are the driving force behind new job creation in the United States. In fact, companies less than one year old have created an average of 1.5 million jobs per year over the past three decades, fueling both local and national economic growth. From Uber to ZocDoc, startups are behind the technologies and services now a part of the daily lives of many Americans. And these companies no longer exist solely within Silicon Valley -- in fact, Texas ranks fifth highest on the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship.While the United States continues to provide exceptional opportunities for private organizations to innovate, more can be done to ensure all entrepreneurs, especially immigrant founders, are set up to succeed in America. Representing the public and private sectors, we see this need firsthand. Congressman Castro's San Antonio is one of the top 10 U.S. cities in overall startup activity, and Unshackled Ventures works within our current system, investing in 16 teams with founders born in six different continents. More can be done to ensure all entrepreneurs, especially immigrant founders, are set up to succeed in America.Without the necessary support, too many innovators will give up, and too many brilliant ideas will remain unexplored.As a starting point, we must encourage an inclusive, collaborative entrepreneurship pipeline, so that all aspiring innovators across the country have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and compete with larger corporations. When the playing field is level, the best ideas will win.We must also connect aspiring innovators with the tools and resources they need to build a startup. In some cases, the resources are already there, and it is simply a matter of linking entrepreneurs to the right network.Unfortunately, some of the country's most promising entrepreneurs are still struggling to break through. This is particularly true for the U.S. immigrant population. In addition to the challenges of the entrepreneurial j…
      - 4 Aug 16, 12:34pm -
    • 7 Principles Of Life That Everyone Knows, But Only A Few Follow
      Early 2015 I was pretty frustrated with my career. Just a year earlier I said goodbye to my entrepreneurial aspirations and took a job at an IT-research firm in London.Normally, that's a good thing. The pay was good, so were the benefits, and I had great colleagues. But it wasn't for me  --  I felt like I gave up entrepreneurship.And on top of that, my personal life wasn't great either. My girlfriend and I decided to end our relationship. And in that same week, my grandmother, who I loved dearly, passed away suddenly.I felt a lot of things. But mostly, I was felt like I didn't understand life. Have you ever thought about it? What is life? What are you supposed to do? It's not like babies are shipped with manuals that teaches them to be awesome human beings.For the first time in my life, I started looking for answers because I was tired of just living/existing without purpose. When I went back to Holland for the funeral, I also caught up with one of my mentors. The last time we spoke was over a year ago  --  before I moved to London.I told him the whole story, and he said: "Even though there's no right or wrong way to live your life, there are certain universal principles that lead to a happy, wealthy, and healthy life."Naturally, I asked him, "What principles?"In a Mr. Miyagi way he said: "I think you know the principles. Everyone does. But 99% of all people don't do what they know."That's about the best, and most bad-ass pieces of wisdom I've ever heard in my life.People hardly do what they say. That was also the story of my life. So for the next year or so I spent thinking, reading and researching to find the principles my mentor was talking about.I asked myself: What are things that people talk about, but they never do? Here's what I came up with until now.1. No Strain, No GainWe often talk about doing all kinds of crazy shit -- climb mountains, run marathons, skydive, start businesses, travel the world, write books, record albums, make movies, the list is endless. Just think about what's on your bucket list for a second. Now, can I ask you one thing? Why haven't you done those things? Don't shy away from hard things. Instead, train yourself to become a person that can endure difficulties.The answer almost always comes down to this: It's hard.Well, I hate to break it to you, but life is SUPPOSED to be hard!That's probably the most valuable lesson I've learned. Don't shy away from hard things. Instead, train your…
      - 3 Aug 16, 5:31pm -
    • Understanding Trump
      There is a lot being written and spoken about Trump by intelligent and articulate commentators whose insights I respect. But as a longtime researcher in cognitive science and linguistics, I bring a perspective from these sciences to an understanding of the Trump phenomenon. This perspective is hardly unknown. More that half a million people have read my books, and Google Scholar reports that scholars writing in scholarly journals have cited my works well over 100,000 times. As a longtime researcher in cognitive science and linguistics, I bring a perspective from these sciences to an understanding of the Trump phenomenon.Yet you will probably not read what I have to say in the New York Times, nor hear it from your favorite political commentators. You will also not hear it from Democratic candidates or party strategists. There are reasons, and we will discuss them later this piece. I am writing it because I think it is right and it is needed, even though it comes from the cognitive and brain sciences, not from the normal political sources. I think it is imperative to bring these considerations into public political discourse. But it cannot be done in a 650-word op-ed. My apologies. It is untweetable.I will begin with an updated version of an earlier piece on who is supporting Trump and why -- and why policy details are irrelevant to them. I then move to a section on how Trump uses your brain against you. I finish up discussing how Democratic campaigns could do better, and why they need to do better if we are to avert a Trump presidency.Who Supports Trump and Why Donald J. Trump has managed to become the Republican nominee for president, Why? How? There are various theories: People are angry and he speaks to their anger. People don't think much of Congress and want a non-politician. Both may be true. But why? What are the details? And why Trump?He seems to have come out of nowhere. His positions on issues don't fit a common mold. He has said nice things about LGBTQ folks, which is not standard Republican talk. Republicans hate eminent domain (the taking of private property by the government) and support corporate outsourcing for the sake of profit, but he has the opposite views on both. He is not religious and scorns religious practices, yet the Evangelicals (that is, the white Evangelicals) love him. He thinks health insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as military contractors, are making too much profit and wants to change that.…
      - 22 Jul 16, 7:45pm -

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    • Between The Parades
      On public holidays, Americans salute their military. This Fourth of July will be no exception. In big cities and small towns across America, families will line the streets to watch Fourth of July parades, and sports stadiums around the country will bring veterans of all ages to center field, lighting up the skies with fireworks and paying homage to our military heroes. Then the fireworks will be over, the parades will have passed by, and most Americans will return to their daily activities, with little attention paid to veterans and families until the next parade.With less than one percent of American having served on the battlefield, most don't have personal connections to those who have served. And hundreds of thousands of those who have served are coming home: some 250,000 men and women in uniform are now transitioning each year to civilian life. Veterans and their families want a return to normalcy when they return home. But the military culture that serves to protect men and women while in service does not mesh with nor well- prepare them for civilian life. For far too many, their new neighborhoods are foreign, their families are estranged, and they are out of sync with what used to be home. Ask veterans what they want and most will say that a return to normalcy starts with meaningful employment. American corporations and small businesses have admirably set significant targets for hiring our returning veterans and veteran unemployment continues to fall. Yet 50 percent of veterans leave their jobs within a year and 65 percent do so within the first two years. Forty seven percent of post 9/11 veterans report they are not working in their preferred career field. San Diego's Operation REBOOT started by the National Veterans Transition Services, has become a model for how to help veterans achieve what they are looking for. The focus is not just on hiring but on finding the right fit. REBOOT personnel understand both the military culture from which veterans are emerging and the civilian culture that they are about to enter. At the heart of REBOOT's Centers for Military and Veteran Reintegration is a free, three-week workshop, designed to holistically address transition from military to civilian life. Going far beyond typical career transition programs, participants are given in-depth re-socialization training that culturally prepares them for civilian life after the military. They also undergo career assessments to help determine what…
      - 4 Jul 16, 4:05am -
    • Stop Playing Games With The Pentagon Budget
      Defending the United States and its allies is serious business. That's all the more reason Congress should stop playing games with Pentagon spending. A good place to start would be to put aside proposals to add billions to the department's already ample budget. The Senate took a step in the right direction earlier this month when it beat back an amendment by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that would have added $18 billion in Pentagon spending beyond the amount agreed to in last year's bipartisan budget deal. A good place to start would be to put aside proposals to add billions to the department's already ample budget. Unfortunately, the House of Representatives has shown no such restraint. During the consideration of the defense authorization act, House Armed Services Committee chair Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) pushed through a proposal to steal $18 billion from the war budget and use it to pay for pet projects that the Pentagon hasn't even asked for, like 11 additional F-35s and 14 more F/A-18s. This raid on the war budget is fine for Lockheed Martin and Boeing, the builders of the F-35 and the F-18. But what happens when the war budget runs out of funds to support the troops in the field? Thornberry's answer is to let the next administration worry about it. The House inserted a $16 billion raid on the war budget in its appropriations bill, setting up a fight over the issue in the House/Senate conference committee on Pentagon spending that will convene later this year. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has denounced Thornberry's maneuver in no uncertain terms, calling it a "terrible distraction" that "undercuts stable planning and efficient use of taxpayer dollars, dispirits troops and their families, baffles friends, and emboldens foes." To add insult to injury, Thornberry and his colleagues claim that they are robbing the war budget because there are insufficient funds for readiness -- the training and maintenance activities needed to sustain our armed forces. Yet an analysis by the Project on Government Oversight has found that the net result of Thornberry's proposal would be to cut operations and maintenance - the funding source for readiness activities -- by over $11 billion. Advocates of higher Pentagon outlays claim that the rapid pace of change in the world -- from the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino to the continuing threats posed by ISIS and Russian aggression in Ukraine -- has rendered last year's budget deal obsolete. T…
      - 17 Jun 16, 12:23pm -
    • Finding A Business Idea You Love By Trial and Error
      by Eleni Gianopulos"I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun."Thomas A. Edison's quote reminds me of my father. Sitting around the dinner table with my family when I was growing up, my dad always admonished us to "Find something you love to do!"I eventually found what I love, though the route to starting my business was not exactly straightforward. Along each step of the way, I learned something that could benefit any entrepreneur, and maybe help you reach your goals a little quicker. Here's a quick tour of my journey and highlights of the lessons I learned from each experience. College degree, what's next? I graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in psychology only because I held the most credits in that department. While I loved the psychology classes, I didn't want to work in that field. I didn't do well in school, nor did I really apply myself. Unfortunately, the gap year wasn't in vogue then, because I definitely would have benefited from one. I was jealous of friends and family members who had clear career visions. They knew exactly what they wanted to be or do from day one and plowed straight ahead toward their goals. (Though I have since learned that didn't mean their journeys were any easier than mine.)Takeaway: Don't be too hard on yourself. The stress and worry will cloud your judgment and get in the way of listening to your inner self about what is best for you.New York City callsI didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I knew exactly where I wanted to live! I moved to New York and got a job at in the jewelry department at Bloomingdale's. This felt comfortable because I'd held odd jobs since high school. The jobs I had growing up, while completely unrelated to the business I would eventually start, helped me understand hard work. I baby sat often, worked as a PeeWee golf attendant, was hired as a seasonal employee to wrap presents during the holidays (in a liquor store, of all places), and took part-time jobs in college at both a gourmet kitchen shop in Dallas and as a sales associate at a specialty stuffed animal store. I enjoyed working while in college in Dallas - certainly more than studying! And I was introduced early on to some very basic business practices: sales, month-end inventory, employee shift schedules and the absolute importance of reporting to any job on time. Takeaway: No job is too big or too small. Learn as much as you can, whatever you are doing. One day you wil…
      - 15 Jun 16, 7:05pm -
    • 4 Ways You Didn't Know Your Small Business Can Benefit From Online Auctions
      If there's one thing that most consumers who are online are busy with aside from work-related matters, it's browsing and shopping at online auctions. And why not? The feeling and satisfaction you get when you find great deals and awesome bargains is just simply unbeatable. For this reason, it will be wise for small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity and to utilize online auction sites to the benefit of their small business.1. Reduce your costsJust because you have the funds for buying equipment, tools, and business supplies does it mean that you'll automatically go to retail stores and get what you need from them. Before you make a purchase, why not search the web first to see if there's anything available at online auctions? You'll never know if there's another business or company who have posted their equipment and/or supplies online for a lesser price. If there is, it's always worth putting a bid because if you get it, it will mean lower costs for your small business. It's one of the best ways to save!2. Sell excess productsIf you have excess products sitting around your store, office, or home unsold, you can sell them through online auction sites so you can still earn some money from them. The profit you'll get may be a little lesser but that's better than earning zero, right? On the other hand, if people bid for your products for a higher amount, then that would mean huge and extra income for your business. Either way, it would be a win for you. 3. Test price range for newly launched products You may be working on a new product and you're not sure yet about the price you'd sell it for. What you can do is to try selling it first in a number of online auctions. Let's say that you've put it up for bidding in five sites. Check how much people bid for your product then compute for the average. The answer is the most reasonable price you can sell it to the rest of your customers. 4. Sell your productsSo you have a website for your business and that's mainly where your customers purchase the product that you sell. However, if you don't get that high number of visitors to your site, it could mean lesser profit for you - something which online auction sites can help you with. Because most of them receive more visitors and hits, you can benefit from their audience reach when you sell your product through them. Imagine if you sell your product in more than 20 sites aside from your small business website (and your physical store…
      - 15 Jun 16, 5:47pm -
    • Why Entrepreneurs Make the Worst Significant Others
      1) You will need to adopt a new languageEntrepreneurs all use a mystical tongue of venture capital and startup lingo. This means you will be need to be able to decipher statements such as: "I just 5 at a 40 pre from a16z and Sequoia."Translation: I raised a bunch of money at a good valuation from cool people."We're doing a bridge note to get from our A to our B."Translation: We raised money, now we are raising more money before we raise even more money."What CSR model works best for a SaaS company?"Translation: How can a company that sells software subscriptions to companies seem like it cares about people?2) Chances are they will not make time for youLori Greiner from Shark Tank once said that entrepreneurs work 90 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. When you launch a company it becomes your life because until you get big you obsess over making it big. Once you are big you obsess over staying big. There is never an end point. If you complain, you will likely get an answer that resembles Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network telling off his ex-girlfriend.3) You will need a higher alcohol toleranceEntrepreneurs are notorious alcoholics for throwing elaborate launch parties, drunk coding, and overall attempting to live obnoxiously. Most hangout sessions will be equipped with craft beer, meet-and-greets with wine, and parties with handles of Grey Goose. Overall, you get it that entrepreneurs don't have the best livers.4) Random people will become celebritiesIf you are lucky enough to bump elbows with the founders of Atlassian, Docker, Oculus, etc. you have just met the second-coming of Jesus in your S.O.'s eyes. People with 400 Instagram followers will be treated with the social influence level of Kendall Jenner. Metrics of coolness will root back to valuations, user metrics, press, and other factors that land on the list of least sexy cool things ever.5) Egos will be the normEveryone in entrepreneurship thinks they are either Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs or some mutant of the three. It is the sad truth. 1,000 downloads on the app store and a small check from a name brand dude automatically makes people think they are killing the game and living the first 30 minutes of their soon to be released blockbuster entrepreneurial movie plot.6) Networking events will become date nightSTAY AWAY FROM EVENTBRITE! Eventbrite is the cemetery filled with the corpses of networking events whose notifications will con…
      - 8 Jun 16, 11:01pm -
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