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News, press releases, videos and articles about Avid, Pro Tools, Musical Instruments, Hardware and Accessories for Multimedia Producers, Musicians and Composers.

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Avid is a manufacturer of hardware and software for multimedia and music production. Products include ProTools, MBox and ISIS.

Avid creates the technology that people use to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world.

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4. Remix: Preparation for a Remix
4. Remix: Preparation for a Remix'Master the Art of Music Creation' with our team of Pro Tools experts guiding your songwriting inspiration from sketchpad to the final mix. Watch now to create the highest-quality music...From:AvidViews:18 3ratingsTime:06:25More inHowto & Style
- 10 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 7:10am -
Introducing Pro Tools 12
Introducing Pro Tools 12Pro Tools 12 provides everything to compose, record, edit, and mix music and audio, and now it's more accessible than ever through a low-cost subscription, ownership, or a free version. http://ww...From:AvidViews:119809 910ratingsTime:02:05More inHowto & Style
- 12 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 5:36am -
In the Studio with Ken Andrews and Pro Tools | S3
In the Studio with Ken Andrews and Pro Tools | S3When Ken Andrews isn't producing or mixing platinum records for bands like Paramore and Moby, he's performing in his critically acclaimed band, recording, and touring. In this webinar preview,...From:AvidViews:15843 124ratingsTime:07:23More inHowto & Style
- 16 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 1:17am -
Introducing Pro Tools | Duet and Quartet
Introducing Pro Tools | Duet and QuartetTurn your Mac or PC into a professional music studio with Pro Tools | Software and best-in-class audio interface by Apogee. Everything you need to create professional-level productions that...From:AvidViews:15159 26ratingsTime:01:48More inHowto & Style
- 16 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 12:53am -
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 3)
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 3)'Get Started Fast with Pro Tools' is your guide to creating professional-level music and audio productions—from first note to final mix. Featuring Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution....From:AvidViews:1172 23ratingsTime:09:46More inHowto & Style
- 23 hours ago, 28 Mar 15, 5:59pm -
Noah "40" Shebib Mixes Hits with Pro Tools and S5 Fusion
Noah "40" Shebib Mixes Hits with Pro Tools and S5 FusionProducer, mixer, and songwriter Noah "40" Shebib has power on demand—with his S5 Fusion—to mix the biggest album projects including artists Drake, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Usher, Nicki Minaj,...From:AvidViews:29603 397ratingsTime:10:48More inHowto & Style
- 1 day ago, 28 Mar 15, 4:15pm -
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 2)
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 2)'Get Started Fast with Pro Tools' is your guide to creating professional-level music and audio productions—from first note to final mix. Featuring Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution....From:AvidViews:1352 36ratingsTime:09:29More inHowto & Style
- 2 days ago, 28 Mar 15, 1:59am -
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 1)
Get Started Fast with Pro Tools (Episode 1)'Get Started Fast with Pro Tools' is your guide to creating professional-level music and audio productions—from first note to final mix. Featuring Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution....From:AvidViews:2190 51ratingsTime:09:47More inHowto & Style
- 2 days ago, 28 Mar 15, 1:53am -
Introducing Pro Tools | First
Introducing Pro Tools | FirstWant to make great sounding music? Start off right using many of the same tools the pros use—absolutely free. Connect with Avid Pro Tools Subscribe on...From:AvidViews:138136 353ratingsTime:01:11More inHowto & Style
- 2 days ago, 27 Mar 15, 3:45pm -
From Creation to Final Mix: Episode 1
From Creation to Final Mix: Episode 1Sign up to download the tracks, watch next episodes and more In this first episode, join famous South African band The Arrows and Grammy-nominated producer Fab ...From:AvidViews:7163 38ratingsTime:11:43More inMusic
- 3 days ago, 26 Mar 15, 8:42pm -
#GRAMMYnominated: François Tétaz
#GRAMMYnominated: François TétazComposer, producer and mixer François (Franc) Tétaz talks about the honor of winning his first GRAMMY® for his work on Gotye's breakthrough album. Connect with Avid Read AVID BLOGS:...From:AvidViews:165 1ratingsTime:00:34More inMusic
- 5 days ago, 24 Mar 15, 9:45am -
Avid Customer Association: Jonathan Wales
Avid Customer Association: Jonathan WalesLaunched in September 2013 and run by and for a dedicated group of media community visionaries, including Sonic Magic Studios CEO Jonathan Wales, the Avid Customer Association (ACA) provides ...From:AvidViews:18802 18ratingsTime:00:52More inHowto & Style
- 8 days ago, 22 Mar 15, 4:43am -

Pro Tools Expert

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  • Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - A Sound Effect, Sonic Salute, Sound Collectors Club
    Tokyo City From A Sound EffectIn this collection you get the authentic sounds of Tokyo City in this library from Original Sounds. It features everything from sounds captured in the city centre, busy streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, trains and subways – exterior and interior recordings captured at different times of day. Over 100 minutes of recordings of Japan’s capital city.Price of Tokyo City is $59.88 inc vat.The Undercover Sound FX Library From Sonic Salute 282 strange, ghostly and spy-like sounds collected from 2 old analog dictaphones, 1 portable cassette recorder, 1 very small digital dictaphone, 3 portable modern recorders, 1 video cam, and finally 1 very famous portable Reel to Reel recorder (a Nagra IS).136 tracks of, Microphone bumps, lav. Microphone put on clothes, Microphone Feedback, Microphone Noises, and the sounds of  the inside of a video cams Mechanics.41 tracks of, Dictaphone & Cassette Processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) Sounds, weird telephone answering machine noises, Buttons, Play, Rewinds, and Fast Forward sounds.82 Reel To Reel sounds. Buttons, Tape on, Rewinds/Fast forwards, Manual searching and scratches, where the recorded sounds are heard through the internal speaker of the tape recorder, as well as recorded line out.23 Various processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) sounds. Different stuff speed up, and mangled.The price of Undercover Sound FXs is $54 inc vat.New Theme For The Sound Collectors Club - Quiet CrowdsThe latest theme is chosen by Sound Collectors Club member Eric Mooney. Walla of a crowd that’s trying to be quiet. An example of this would be at a library, or someplace similar where people are speaking very quietly and maybe even whispering occasionally. There could also be some fairly quiet and subtle movements taking place in the background. This seems like it would be a great backdrop of audio that could be used in pretty wide variety of scenes. This is something that I don’t have very much (if any) of.If you would like to know more about Sound Collectors Club then read our interview with Sound Collectors Club founder Michael Maroussas.“How I Work” Interview With Michael O’ConnorPro Sound Effects has posted a new interview with sound designer and editor Michael O’Connor as part of their “How I Work” Series. How I Work asks sound designers in film, video games, and advertising what inspires them and what tools allow them to get their work done from…
    - 3 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
  • New Pro Tools Expert Web Site Delayed
    During the week we found a bug in the back engine that powers an important feature in our new web site.The development team are currently working hard to fix the bug and to get it tested.The bug would have affected the experience of many users of the new site. As the saying goes ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ so we’ve decided to postpone launch until April 13th.We have continued to show the development work so far of the new site to many of our partners who are excited about the possiblities our new platform will offer to the community.Thanks for your patience.
    - 6 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 11:27am -
  • Sting Chooses Prism Upgrades To Power His Pro Tools HDX Studio
    After upgrading to Pro Tools HDX, Sting’s private facility in the UK has invested in Prism Sound’s HDX Interface Cards to ensure the longevity of its prized ADA-8 converters.Donal Hodgson, Sting’s recording engineer, says:“I was very keen to ensure that we could still use our ADA-8 converters with the new system so I ordered nine Pro Tools HDX cards from Prism Sound. I am delighted to say that, after changing the chips and the DIO interface cards, the converters worked first time.”The studio has bee using Prism Sound ADA-8 converters since 2000 when 10 of them were installed in Sting’s Steerpike Studios in Wiltshire.Prism Sound’s HDX compatible interface cards were launched 18 months ago as a direct response to the changes Avid was making to its Pro Tools system.“The release of Pro Tools V11 on HD Native and HDX hardware saw the legacy Digidesign 96 and 192 interfaces no longer supported on these Pro Tools hardware and software systems,”Says Graham Boswell, Sales and Marketing Director for Prism Sound.Avid also declared that Pro Tools 10 software would be the last to support these legacy interfaces. The response of Prism was to create the Prism Sound HDX compatible interface card. This connects directly with the Pro Tools|HDX interface cards and emulates the behaviour of the Avid HD I/O interfaces, allowing Prism Sound conversion quality with Pro Tools software. Each card allows the connection of 8 channels of digital audio. With four cards in two ADA-8 units, a 32-channel recording system is possible.For Hodgson and many other Prism Sound ADA-8 fans, the cards have proved to be a godsend.Hodgson explains:“I could have taken this opportunity to swap from Prism Sound conversion, but why would I want to do that when the sound quality I get from my Prism Sound units is better than anything else on the market?” he says. “In my opinion Prims Sound is the best. I have travelled all over the world and worked in many different studios but I still haven’t found an interface that comes even close to the quality I get from my ADA-8s.”For more information on Prism visit their website
    - 11 hours ago, 29 Mar 15, 6:26am -
  • Pro Tools First Steps Part 1 - Choosing A System
    Many people find getting started with Pro Tools a bit daunting and so I thought it would be useful to have a series on starting out with Pro Tools, taking you through setting up your PT system, creating your first session, some tips & tricks and finally some basic troubleshooting advice. But first lets take a look at specifying your first system.Time spent at this stage will save you lots of grief and problems later.Choosing An InterfaceA Pro Tools system consists of three main components: the Pro Tools software, a Mac or PC computer, and additional hardware that handles audio and possibly MIDI input and output.The interface can be an Avid or an M-Audio one of any of the approved 3rd party interfaces since the release of Pro Tools 9. Since the introduction  of Pro Tools 11 there are some interfaces that no longer work like the SYNC I/O (original “blue”) Pro Control, Control 24, and the TDM HD Core and Accel cards. Then there are others that are no longer supported but still work like the 192 I/O, 192 Digital I/O, 96 I/O, 96i I/O, MID I/O, Pre I/O (Blue) 002 family, and Command 8 control surface.This is both good and bad news. It is bad news if you want to remain at the cutting edge and have a current system that will run the latest version but good news if you are happy not to have the latest version as you will be able to pick up a secondhand system much cheaper as folk sell off their older systems. Russ is happily using a Digidesign Command 8 with the latest version of Pro Tools.Choosing The SoftwareIn the main with Pro Tools it is a choice between Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD, but for some Pro Tools Express, Pro Tools MP9 or Pro Tools SE will be fine, some of these are now only available as old stock or second hand from eBay. Avid have announced a free version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools First, but in our opinion the limitations outweigh the gains, even for a free version. Pro Tools HDComes bundled with Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools|HD Native systems only; can be used with or without hardware. Pro Tools HD can now only be bought with an upgrade plan.  It is not available on subscription. For more details of all the options see our article on Pro Tools 12 going on sale.Pro ToolsCan be purchased alone or as part of a Pro Tools software/hardware bundle; can be used with or without hardware. Pro Tools 12 is now only available with an upgrade plan. You can buy it on subscription or as a perpetual licnese. For more details of all the options see ou…
    - 1 day ago, 28 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
  • A-Z Of Pro Tools - R Is For Record Modes
    Recording something into Pro Tools should be easy and indeed it is, but that isn’t quite the same thing as saying it doesn’t sometimes get surprisingly complicated. Like most DAWs Pro Tools follows a similar system to that employed in multitrack tape machines and if you press record and play in the transport bar, any record-armed tracks will be recorded onto - easy!Things can get a little more complicated when looking to replace a section on a previously recorded take. The significance of timeline and edit selections becomes important. It is the timeline selection which controls where a drop in will happen, not the edit selection if the two are unlinked. For more information see this Pro Tools Fundamentals Article. An awareness of how to use playlists and pre and post-roll will definitely help as will understanding how to manage latency. These are the basics and you can’t really get by in Pro Tools without them but by using the other record modes in Pro Tools you can streamline and simplify your workflow. In my experience these are under-used and while you can get by without them, in the right application they are too useful not to know about.Record ModesThe first potential source of confusion is that while they are related, record modes and playback modes are different things. For example, recording in loop playback is not the same thing as being in loop record, in fact loop playback in record only works with MIDI recording.In Pro Tools there are six record modes:NormalLoopDestructiveQuick PunchTrack Punch (HD only)Destructive Punch (HD only)  NormalIs, err… normal. That is to say it is conventional record behaviour without any of the additional features of the other record modes. if you have used Pro Tools before you will have used this record mode.Loop RecordFor musicians I think this would be the other most commonly used mode. It’s certainly the best known. The potential to loop record a section over and over again, in combination with the possibility of comping together all the best parts of the multiple takes is one of the most valued features Pro Tools offers the tracking stage of music production. Of course to get the most out of this feature you have to enable “automatically create new playlists when loop recording” in the operation tab of the Pro Tools prefs. For more on this see here.DestructiveThe nuclear option! In destructive record Pro Tools permanently overwrites any underlying audio. While this might have…
    - 1 day ago, 28 Mar 15, 9:00am -
  • Pro Tools Basics - Become A Pro Tools Synth Guru - Free Video
    Here’s a free video that’s part of my series ‘Pro Tools Synth Guru’ from Groove 3.Are you new to Pro Tools and all of its awesome virtual synthesizers? Well founder and synth guru Russ Hughes is going to take you on a spiritual journey of the synth kind. Learn tons of cool tips and tricks as well as production ideas from this outstanding collection of video tutorials.The title gets favourable user reviews on Groove 3As long as you guys keep making this fine stuff,,, I will buy it. I can’t believe you can BUY such quality stuff at these prices. A lot of time goes into this,,, and it is WELL worth it. Bill M.More here
    - 2 days ago, 27 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
  • iZotope Announces RX Loudness Control
    iZotope have announced its new RX Loudness Control plug-in. With RX Loudness Control, video and audio editors will be able to choose the broadcast standard they wish to adhere to from a set of global templates. In faster than real time, RX Loudness Control will automatically analyze the audio and render out a compliant file and an accompanying .CSV-formatted loudness report in just two clicks.Matt Hines, Product Manager at iZotope told us…We’re thrilled to offer post and broadcast professionals an automatic loudness correction solution that meets their needs for quality and accuracy. RX Loudness Control will give users absolute confidence in their work, while being easy to use and compatible with most major audio and video-editing platforms.The intelligent DSP processing inside RX Loudness Control is brand new and has been developed specifically to guarantee transparent loudness correction, and to offer loudness tolerance metering across a range of program types. RX Loudness Control supports mono, stereo, and surround channel counts, up to 5.1, for seamless integration into any workflow.iZotope have not released any previews of the GUI at the time of the announcement, however they have now let us have exclusive sneak peaks at what it looks like, see the story update below….Visitors at NAB 2015 Can See The First Public Presentation Of RX Loudness ControlNAB attendees will be able to see the first public presentation of RX Loudness Control, as well as RX 4 audio repair and enhancement, on the show floor and at the CPUG Las Vegas SuperMeet at the Riviera Hotel Royale Ballroom on Tuesday, April 14 at 7 pm. We hope to be able to bring a sneak peek after NAB so everyone else can see it.RX Loudness Control CompatibilityRX Loudness Control will support the AudioSuite DPM and AAX plug-in standards for Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools. RX Loudness Control is also going to be integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro’s open extension API, bringing offline loudness-compliant processing to the Adobe platform for the first time ever. RX Loudness Control Pricing & AvailabilityRX Loudness Control is available for pre-order at NAB 2015 at a special introductory price of $299 (£205 / €279) Once the introductory price finishes then the MSRP will be $349 (€325 / £239), with an expected release in Spring 2015.
    - 2 days ago, 27 Mar 15, 8:00am -
  • Free Video From PureMix - Hearing Compression In Context
    Here is a free video from our friends at PureMix about listening to what we do in context. after all our audiences will only listen to the final mix, they will never listen to the individual tracks of a session.Consequently as sound engineers we need to consider how our changes and decisions will play out in the context of the full song, rather than in mere isolation.How many times a compressor or EQ sounds perfectly great on a single track but doesn’t really work when you remove the solo button? Ben Lindell from PureMix shows how constructive it can be to make your mixing choices in context. 
    - 3 days ago, 26 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
  • Demonstration Of Avid Plug-in Marketplace In Pro Tools 12
    We have been asked about how the new Marketplace feature in Pro Tools 12 works and so in this show and tell demonstration, Russ blows £20 to show the Avid Plug-in Marketplace In Pro Tools 12 in action real-time.Watch as he shows the Marketplace within Pro Tools 12, how to choose a plug-in, how to buy it, and then watch as it downloads and is installed whilst Pro Tools is open with a session is loaded.Now you have seen it, tell us what you think….
    - 3 days ago, 26 Mar 15, 1:32pm -
  • Waves Finish The Month With March Madness Offers, Extra Discounts & The Chance To Win A Mercury Bundle
    To finish the month with a bang Waves are offering some bundles and plug-ins at mad prizes, as well as extra discounts and the chance to win a Mercury bundle in their March Madness event. Check the list out and see if any of them are what you are looking for.Abbey Road Collection $449 - normally $900Silver $149 - normally $600Renaissance Maxx $129 - normally $450Tape, Tubes & Transistors $149 - normally $500Tony Maserati Signature Series $129 - normally $500J37 Tape $129 - normally $300API 2500 $129 - normally $300L3 Multimaximizer $99 - normally $350NLS Non-Linear Summer $99 - normally $300Scheps 73 $99 - normally $200Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter $89 - normally $300PuigTec EQP-1A + MEQ-5 EQ $79 - normally $300CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter $79 - normally $250Kramer HLS Channel $69 - normally $250Center $49 - normally $200Manny Marroquin Delay $49 - normally $125Renaissance Compressor $29 - normally $100CLA Unplugged $29 - normally $125If any of these fit the bill then you can get them at these mad prices until the end of March from the Waves Specials page. But that isn’t all they are offering as part of March Madness.There are two additional special offers available until the end of March.Each plug-in, bundle or upgrade you purchase before the end of March equals one entry for a chance to win a free upgrade to Mercury with over 140 plug-ins.If your total order exceeds $200 then you will get a $50 Gift Code during March Madness.
    - 3 days ago, 26 Mar 15, 12:01pm -

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  • Defaulter From Quiet Art Just Gets Better With RMS Detection
    Defaulter is a great tool and now it has got better. Defaulter v1.5 has added RMS detection which makes it much more useful in a loudness workflow where normalising to an average is the order of the day rather than normalising to peak level.Defaulter is a normalizing plug-in that using the non destructive Clip Gain feature in Pro Tools 10 and above. Clip gain is arguably one of the best thing Pro Tools adopted in recent years. Now, Quiet Art Ltd have produced a tool to help you get even more out of it.Defaulter analyzes the clip and applies Pro Tools’ built-in Clip Gain adjustments to bring it up or down to meet your specified peak level but with v1.5 you can now do the same with a specified RMS level instead. It can be set to ignore clips with levels below a threshold. Because it uses Clip Gain rather than rendering files it is totally non-destructive.Try & Buy DefaulterYou can go to the Quiet Art Ltd web site and download a free trial of Defaulter. If you like it then you can buy it for $89 or as a bundle with the excellent WaveRider from Quiet Art for $199.
    - 3 days ago, 26 Mar 15, 7:50am -
  • Podcast Extra Interview With Zoe Thrall From Studio At The Palms In Las Vegas
    Whilst over a NAMM 2015 earlier this year, James Ivey took a detour over to Las Vegas to have a chat with Zoe Thrall who has been in charge of the iconic Studio At The Palms since it opened in 2005.  Listen to this Podcast Extra Interview as Zoe shares some insights from her time at Palms.Zoe Thrall has always had an unyielding passion for music even as a youth and she has never looked back. Before the Studio at the Palms opened, big-name recording artists rarely came to Las Vegas to work. Then owner of  the Palms, George Maloof, persuaded Zoe Thrall, who once managed big New York studios like The Power Station and The Hit Factory, to come to Vegas and oversee the studio to ensure that it would be a successful business rather than a pet project and the rest as they say is history.The studio has hosted some of the most influential recording artists of all time, including Rihanna, Celine Dion,, The Killers, Katy Perry, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, LMFAO, Mariah Carey, and Maroon 5. Lady Gaga recorded her number-one hit “Born This Way” there, and Usher recorded songs from Raymond v. Raymond, which won the 2011 Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Album. And last but not least: Michael Jackson’s final single, “Hold My Hand,” featuring Akon.Listen on to the Pro Tools Expert Podcast on iTunesDownload the Pro Tools Expert Podcast as an MP3
    - 4 days ago, 25 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
  • Review Of Waves Butch Vig Vocals Plug-in
    Russ takes a look and listen to the new Waves Butch Vig vocals plug-in? Is it just another channel strip dressed up in a stream punk GUI or does it have something more to offer? See what Russ thinks in his review of the Waves Butch Vig Vocal plug-inWidely considered one of the most influential rock producers of recent decades, Butch Vig helped spawn an entirely new rock genre. From Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins to Foo Fighters, Green Day and his own band Garbage, Butch Vig has contributed his signature sound to some of the most legendary albums of the modern rock era.One of the defining elements of the “Butch Vig Sound” is Vig’s unique vocal stamp. The celebrated producer ushered in the sound of distorted vocals in a beautifully musical way, and this feature is an integral part of the sound that the Butch Vig Vocals plugin faithfully recreates.Designed for those looking for a creative approach to shaping vocals, Butch Vig Vocals features intuitive EQ controls, a compressor and a de-esser, and several tools for coloring your sound in numerous shades, including Tube and Solid State saturation, a unique Focus knob, and other inspiring features, all carefully crafted by Butch himself to help you realize your vocal vision.With instantly hyped vocals that cut through the mix and a sound that is dripping with character, Butch Vig Vocals now gives everyone the opportunity to work with the sound of a true rock innovator.
    - 4 days ago, 25 Mar 15, 11:38am -
  • Groove 3 Offer New 'Easy As 1,2,3' Offer On Annual Subscriptions - Ends March 31st
    Our friends over at Groove 3 are offering perhaps their best ever All Access Pass, which is an all-you-can-eat way of watching their fantastic video tutorials.They explain the deal here:For over 11 years Groove3 has been dedicated to providing the best tutorials possible for empowering you and your studio tools and now, by popular demand, we’re offering a limited time special offer to lock in future access at amazing savings! From now through March 31st, you can scoop up one, two or even three years of access to over 950 hours of existing content and all the new content we add during that time. Now’s your chance to secure an amazing price for the content you’ve come to love and depend on. * If you already have a membership with remaining time, your new purchase will automatically be added to your existing time so no days are lost.To find out more and grab the deal visit the Groove 3 website
    - 4 days ago, 25 Mar 15, 8:03am -
  • First Sneak Preview Of ISL2 True Peak Limiter From Nugen Audio
    Recently Nugen Audio announced the Loudness Toolkit 2 and at BVE we were able to take a sneak peak at LM-Correct 2. Now in this video Mike Thornton takes a first look at the new version of Nugen Audio’s unreleased True Peak Limiter ISL2.With the new loudness workflows it is essential that we use true peak limiting to make sure we don’t hit digital headroom as we are often working less than a couple of dBs from digital headroom. Watch this video and find out about the new features that will be in ISL2 when it is released.If you want to know more about true peak limiting, why it is so important and how to use the Nugen Audio ISL intersample peak limiter then you can watch two videos I made for Nugen Audio.Auto Release Hold ModeThere is a new Intelligent Dynamic Release Mode to enhance algorithm transparency by automatically adjusting to program content in real time. The Auto button when enabled allows ISL2 to analyse the incoming audio signal for low frequency content and automatically extend the ‘hold’ time of the limiter to ensure a full wavelength passes before the release cycle is activated. This allows the use of shorter release times than might usually be employed, whilst ensuring that harmonic distortion is not introduced when low-frequencies trigger gain reduction.Scrolling History ViewThere is a new section in centre of the plug-in which is accessed by this small H icon. This History mode when active, shows an alternative view showing the gain reduction history displaying the maximum reduction on all the channels going through the plug-in.Steering and Ducking metersSteering is a by-product of the action of limiting a stereo or surround signal when you don’t fully link each of the channel limiters whilst Ducking is the inverse effect of steering where other channels are ducked due to high level audio on one channel.Independent Centre Channel LinkingWhen ISL2 is used in 5.1 or 7.1 mode, an additional Centre Channel control is available. This control allows independent linking of the Centre channel. Compact ModeAlthough the ISL and now ISL2 have been designed to use at little screen real estate as possible, sometimes with a lot of plug-ins in use it would be nice to have a more compact mode and in ISL2 Nugen Audio have added a Compact view.Vis-LM2We hope to bring you a sneak peak of Vis-LM2 when it is closer to being finished, the final component in Nugen audio’s Loudness Toolkit 2.
    - 4 days ago, 25 Mar 15, 8:00am -
  • Community Tips In Response To 5 Tips For Tracking Electric Guitar
    Following Dan’s excellent article on 5 Tips For Tracking Electric Guitar, community member Rob got in touch to add his tips…Guitar setupThis is imperative to making the guitar as playable as possible, I’ve set up lots of guitars over the years, it’s worth hunting out Guitar Maintenance Workshops if you want to save yourself some money on setting up your guitars in the long run. They are good fun and you’ll learn a lot about the guitar.  It’s shocking to realise how many ‘guitarists’ are ignorant of their instrument of choice. I’ve witnessed people who can’t even string up their own guitar, handing it off to a shop to install a single string when they’ve broken one.. Intonation is only one part of the setup and it’s relative to the other elements of the setup in this order;Truss rodNut heightActionIntonationPickup heightThere are plenty of books, Hideo Kamimoto’s books on guitar setup and repair are great starting points, Dan Erlewine’s books are excellent, very easy going, just remember, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and don’t forget a decent tuner when you set your intonation. Peterson produce iStrobosoft for iPad, PC etc, I’ve used that of late to set up my guitars, the iPad has been a great resource from that point.Humidity will alter the neck shape, action and intonation, particularly where I live, it’s very cold at the moment, I have to alter the necks around twice a year, just a small tweak as the temperature changes, increasing the torque of the truss rod and decreasing it as the cold and warm weather allow the wood to expand and contract.Recording A GuitarNormally I’ll use an Avid Eleven Rack to record guitar, if I need delay and/or chorus, I’ll apply them on the channel, not the Eleven Rack, meaning I can change them later if I don’t like them. The Eleven Rack has been great as I’ll record the main outputs with the amp’d sound and the guitar input as well, applying the Eleven Rack plug-in to the guitar input track later on.Try Different GuitarsI would perhaps recommend more than one guitar for recording with. It’s not just for sound, it’s for inspiration, you may have a certain image in your mind; your mental projection of your physical self so to speak, it’s how you see yourself or hear yourself. For example, you may want to try some hard rock riffs (Slash, Angus Young, Tony Iommi), it helps if you have a Gibson SG or Les Paul. However personally I can’t really ge…
    - 5 days ago, 24 Mar 15, 6:00pm -
  • Tested: Pro Tools 12 Performance Compared To Pro Tools 11
    There’s some discussion on web forums with some people suggesting that Pro Tools 12 performs better than Pro Tools 11. So we have decided to put this claim to the test.We use the same session, the same machine, the same interface and run the same test, the results are shown below.Test Machine SpecificationMac Pro6-Core Intel Xeon E5Processor Speed: 3.5 GHzNumber of Processors: 1Total Number of Cores: 6L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KBL3 Cache: 12 MBMemory: 16 GBPro Tools Session SpecificationInterface: Apogee Ensemble ThunderboltSession length 5 minutes96Khz 24 bitH/W buffer size set at 64 samples96 tracks of mono audio, with edits at every 1 secondVolume automation recorded on every audio trackDisk cache disabled to emulate native versions of Pro ToolsAll audio tracks had an instance of Avid Channel Strip and Dverb inserted128 MIDI tracks with an instance of AIR Boom running with MIDI dataA mono audio track would record without issue along with 95 audio tracks in playbackPro Tools 11.3.1 Performance TestSystem usage for the session is shown below. No crashes occured during record and playback.Pro Tools 12 Performance TestSystem usage for the session is shown below. No crashes occurred during record or playback.Pro Tools 12 Performance Compared To Pro Tools 11 - SummaryIn our test we could find no significant performance difference between a session in Pro Tools 11.3.1 and Pro Tools 12.It has been reported that Pro Tools 12 has significant improvements under the hood, our test seems to indicate that it has no effect on session performance.
    - 5 days ago, 24 Mar 15, 1:24pm -
  • Test Drive: Pro Tools 12 Subscription Plan - Read This First
    We decided to test out the new Pro Tools 12 subscription plan yesterday.It wasn’t the smoothest of operations, the experience included the store losing the purchase, but after battling through several screens we got our hands on it… sort of.Getting The Pro Tools 12 Licence To WorkOnce purchased a subscription licence is placed in your iLok account. Not knowing what Avid were going to do with the old Pro Tools licence we used a different account and iLok, we weren’t taking any chances on licences going missing in the process.So we started the iLok Licence Manager and as with other licences dragged the licence onto our iLok, all seemed happy. Then we launched Pro Tools 12 which started looking for a licence and said it could not be found. After 20 minutes of faffing around it transpired that in order to activate the licence you don’t drag it to the licence as you do with all other iLok licences, instead you must use the activation screen inside Pro Tools 12. It can’t seem to handle it if the license is already on the iLok. So we had to deposit the licence back off the iLok and then let Pro Tools 12 install it via the activation screen and the iLok account. If you had a better experience then let us know.Installing Pro Tools 12 SoftwareThe next thing to know is that if you own Pro Tools 11 then it gets wiped when you install Pro Tools 12, we’re using Yosemite so we can’t test if this is the case with Pro Tools 10. So if you want a previous version of Pro Tools then install Pro Tools 12 on a different disk or partition, at the very least do a back-up.Your Account Is Set To Auto-RenewNow onto the money, as would be expected with any subscription based deal auto-renew is turned on in you Avid account so if you don’t want this to be the case then go and turn it off, you can see it in the image below.Pro Tools 12 ReviewThis is not really a Pro Tools 12 review, partly because there isn’t a lot to review, some I/O changes and AFL/PFL has been improved, and there’s a new start-up screen. Finally there’s a very sparse in-App market place with the grand total of 1 plug-in for sale when we tried it - it’s also painfully slow to use.Collaboration and the other cloud based features that Avid have been showing are not included in this first release of Pro Tools 12.In fact in any other universe this would have been called Pro Tools 11.5 at best. Apparently there are a lot of changes under the hood, we have seen reports that the same se…
    - 5 days ago, 24 Mar 15, 11:47am -
  • Pro Tools Expert Podcast 159
    Russ Hughes, Mike Thornton, James Ivey and Dan Cooper bring you a bumper show catching up with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.Groove 3 Titles We Like  Waves Abbey Road Collection ExplainedIris 2 ExplainedCompetitions Win One Of Ten LVC Audio Limiter BundlesWin One Of Two Copies Of Antares New Auto-Tune 8Deals page Virtual CZ From Plugin Boutique £37 - 35% DiscountZplane Vielklang Instant Harmony V2.0 Plug-in £59 - 26% DiscountTalking Points Kindly Sponsored By Universal Audio     The Apollo Plug-In Promo runs until 31 March. Purchase an Apollo audio interface and get up to $1295 in FREE UAD-2 Plug-insNew Pro Tools Expert Web site launch 30th March,  We will try an make the transition as smooth as possibleWe have sent an email to all all subscribers on the site, with instructions on what to do we we change over so you can benefit the new features for subscribers.Real World Review of the Focusrite RED 1 500 series preamp5 Tips For Tracking Electric GuitarThe Plug-ins I Reach For When Mixing In Pro Tools - What Are Yours? PollPodcast Extra Interview With Steve Genewick5 Reasons For Making Demos Before Producing A SongPro Tools 12 Goes On Sale In The Avid StoreExcalibur - The Multi Effects Plug-in From Exponential Audio Is HereCommunity Feedback Kindly Sponsored by RSPE Audio Solutions   Joe Teresi shared some thoughts about options to keep track of what still needs to be done on an album project. RecallTone is the plug-in we couldn’t remember.Ian Dearden would like us to make a video on using Audiomux and Midimux with Pro Tools and Mac OS X.Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea    Andy Smit has some problems with shortcuts created using the Mac OS. Do we have any advice? How To Make Your Own Shortcuts In Pro Tools Rudolph Greaux would like our advice as he upgrades from a G4 Mac to a Mac Pro as he has old PCI card and a Digidesign 96 interface.Joe Lahart is having problems with the menu items not drawing until the mouse goes over where they should be.Michele Centonze is having problems with Pro Tools 11 only using 1 CPU as well as trouble with MIDI data being bend when tracking and ahead on playback. Anthony Timmers is switching from an iMac to a Mac Pro and wanted advice on the best machine to use.Find Of The Week       Russ - Disksomnia App - keeping drives awake Mike - Pro Tools doesn’t like the letter C.  it transpires that if you…
    - 5 days ago, 24 Mar 15, 9:48am -
  • Excalibur - The Multi Effects Plug-in From Exponential Audio Is Here
    Excalibur is the powerful new plug-in from Michael Carnes at Exponential Audio that lets you create some of the most innovative effects ever. Whether you’re looking for delays, flangers, dynamic filters, phasers, pitch shifters or more, check out Excalibur as it maybe what you have bee looking for. Its dynamic modulation is at home in music production, post and live performance. You can check out our new Excalibur page on the Exponential web site and see what top professionals like Kenny Gioia, Gary Lux (Ben Harper, Sting, Norah Jones) and Stephen Gallagher (The Hobbit, King Kong, District 9) have to say about Excalibur. You can buy Excalibur for the low introductory price of $119, but only through to April 10. After that, it will return to the regular price of $199. You don’t even need to download the demo, as you can hear audio examples of Excalibur for yourself at Exponential Audio. But for the best experience do grab yourself demo code from the Exponential Audio website and try it yourself for 21 days but you will need an iLok2 to use the demo.You can also watch and hear Michael Carnes talk about Excalibur in a short video.
    - 6 days ago, 23 Mar 15, 9:03pm -
  • Pro Tools 12 Goes On Sale In The Avid Store
    Avid have now started selling Pro Tools 12 on their web store and have taken Pro Tools 11 off the store so you can no longer buy Pro Tools 11 from the Avid Store.Pro Tools 12 SubscriptionsYou can buy Pro Tools 12 on monthly subscription and pay $29.99 per month or sign up for an annual subscription and pay $24.92 per month. You also get Standard Support Included as long as you pay the subscription fees.Pro Tools 12 With Upgrade PlanYou can buy a new copy of Pro Tools 12 with a 12 month Upgrade plan for $899 and then pay $199 per year to keep the upgrade plan up to date. You also get 12 months standard support included with the Upgrade plan.Pro Tools 12 Upgrade PlanFor owners of Pro Tools 9, 10 11, Pro Tools M-Powered 6-8 or MP9, Pro Tools Express bundled with Avid hardware (The InMusic versions are not eligible) you can upgrade to Pro Tools 12 for $199 per year and then pay $199 per year to stay up to date. You also get 12 months standard support included with the Upgrade plan.Pro Tools 12HD Upgrade PlanFor owners of Pro Tools 9, 10 or 11HD software or Pro Tools 9 & 10 with Complete Production Toolkit, you can upgrade to Pro Tools 12HD for $599 and then pay $599 per year to stay up to date. You also get 12 months of ExpertPlus Support included in the HD Upgrade Plan.Pro Tools 12 For Education SubscriptionsYou can buy Pro Tools 12 on monthly subscription and pay $9.99 per month or sign up for an annual subscription and pay $8.25 per month. You also get Standard Support Included as long as you pay the subscription fees. You will have to prove you are a student or teacher to be eligible for this plan.Pro Tools 12 For Education With Upgrade PlanYou can buy a new copy of Pro Tools 12 For Education with a 12 month Upgrade plan for $299 and then pay $99 per year to keep the upgrade plan up to date. You also get 12 months standard support included with the Upgrade plan. You will have to prove you are a student or teacher to be eligible for this plan.Pro Tools 12 For Education Upgrade With Annual Upgrade PlanFor owners of Pro Tools 9, 10 11, Pro Tools M-Powered 6-8 or MP9, Pro Tools Express bundled with Avid hardware (The InMusic versions are not eligible) you can upgrade to Pro Tools 12 For Education for $99 per year and then pay $99 per year to stay up to date. You also get 12 months standard support included with the Upgrade plan. You will have to prove you are a student or teacher to be eligible for this plan.
    - 6 days ago, 23 Mar 15, 5:00pm -
  • Studio One Expert Goes Live Today
    Studio One Expert is the latest addition to the Production Expert family of sites that also includes Pro Tools Expert as well as Logic Pro Expert, Albeton Live Expert and Reason Expert.You can check out the Studio One Expert contest to win virtual instruments from AIR Music Tech and Sonivox, it’s as simple as getting as many of your friends as you can to enter the contest. The person who makes the most referrals wins the prize, worth $600!They have already started the A to Z of Studio One beginning with A is for Audio Track as well as a Studio One Quick Tips series starting with a tip on Importing Key Commands For Other DAWs.We wish Matthew Mann and his team all the best with Studio One Expert.
    - 6 days ago, 23 Mar 15, 12:35pm -
  • 5 Reasons For Making Demos Before Producing A Song
    Over the years I have seen a decline in artists creating demo recordings of their songs which they intend to record and produce with me.  Demo recordings can be anything from a simple vocal and guitar recording to a 4 to 8 track pre production mix.  Demo recordings provide all the parties that will be included in the production process with a blue print to which everybody can work to.  I want to share with you 5 reasons why making demos can help artists and producers work faster and more creatively when in the production process of a song.MusicalityDemo recordings help confirm the final stages of the songwriting process.  The song’s structure, tempo, key, feel, groove, dynamics and mood should be captured in the demo process.Choice Of SongWhen selecting a song to produce it is sometimes good practise to have a few other songs to choose from.  Having a selection of demos from the artist helps you to know as a producer that you are about to invest time into the right song and that there’s not a better song from the artist… a hidden gem that may work better in production.  Distance And EvaluationCreating a demo gives the songwriter a golden opportunity to step back from the song and writing process.  If the song still stands up to everyone’s judgement after a week and needs no further rewrites then it is ready for production.  Producing a song that still needs lyrics changing or light and shades discovered can harm the song.Production IdeasDemos can also be treated as a scratch pad for production ideas.  It can help when needing to demonstrate creative ideas to other parties of the production.  For example, if a drum loop has been used in the demo and it works then this loop can guide the drummer to work a groove around the demo’s feel.  If a bass guitar with a distortion plug in works in the demo then a producer or bassist may try to recapture that vibe with a pedal and bass amp.  Trying out ideas in a demo can save time in the production phase as trying out millions of ideas that were never going to work for the song are better recorded, heard and declined in the demo format.Pressure Free EnvironmentBeing able to create with no real sense of pressure is very liberating, the best and most organic musical choices can be made in this frame of mind.  I’ve taken some client demos and used stems out of their demo sessions as for what they’ve created in these frames of minds have been outstanding.
    - 6 days ago, 23 Mar 15, 10:00am -
  • 5 Tips For Tracking Electric Guitar
    Tracking electric guitars can be one of the most enjoyable instruments to record as there’s so many variables to the sound and style in which it is played.  For this article lets assume the player, either yourself or someone you are recording, is a guitar god and that their abilities are flawless.  What should you as a engineer do to ensure his performance translates well to the recording.  Here are my 5 tips for tracking electric guitar.RestringAvoid using guitars that have rusty old strings as such strings can provide you with a dull tone with a compromised sustain.  Make sure the guitar is restrung well.  Look to see that the strings are wound properly at the tuning pegs and that the guitar has been played in a little before recording.  Freshly strung guitars need their strings “stretched in” to stop the instrument from going out of tune during playing.  This can easily be done by tuning in a string and pulling it up and away from the fingerboard at fret 12.  This will apply even tension to where the string meets both the bridge and nut.  Stretch the string away from the fingerboard then retune it.  Repeat this process until the distance between the string being “in tune” to “out of tune” narrows.Tuning And IntonationSo the guitar is in tune… but as the performer is playing in the upper register of the guitar you notice tuning problems.  This is most likely intonation problems and can easily be corrected.  Plug the guitar into a good quality tuner, try to avoid tuners that are indecisive and erratic. Tune a string, then play that string’s harmonic at fret 12 (the octave).  If the note being played at the octave is sharp or flat then the saddle needs to be adjusted with a small screwdriver.  If the harmonic note is flat you need to shorten the length of the string at the saddle by loosening the screw.  If the harmonic note is sharp then you need to lengthen the string by tightening the screw at the saddle.  Make small adjustments and keep tuning the open string in as the open tuning will change with every small turn of the screw at the saddle.  This is a worth while skill to learn as guitar shops in the UK charge anything between £20 - £40 for this service.CablesAlways keep a handful of high quality jack cables for recording that aren’t 30ft long and been gigged a hundred times.  The cable is the connection between a quiet peace of wood with some strings jangling on it and the power that will amplify it so do…
    - 7 days ago, 22 Mar 15, 12:01pm -
  • Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Chuck Russom FX, Wildtrack, Sonniss, A Sound Effect
    Chuck Russom FX Gun Sound Library GiveawayChuck Russom FX is giving away 2 single user licenses of their multi-channel weapon sound library; Guns Complete comprises 10GB of Gun Sounds worth $295. The giveaway ends March 31, 2015. All you need to do to enter is provide your name and email address.Wildtrack Release Gear Drone & Room Tones LibraryAlvaro de Iscar has released his latest library - Gear Drone & Room Tones. This collection of sounds, include a variety of ambiences, gear drones, and room tones recorded during the last few years! 54 tracks recorded in different recording sessions during last few years. 48Khz and 24 bits HD Audio. Room Tones, Designed Ambiences and Gear Drones recorded and edited for audio atmos designers.Gear Drone & Room Tones is just 23.88 Euros inc vat.Sonniss Offer The Chance To Win Over 200 Sound Effects LibrariesTim approached all the sound effects suppliers on Sonniss to see if they would be up for Sonniss giving away their libraries in a competition for the sound effects community. Some said yes and others thought he was crazy. The upshot of this is than Tim McHugh at Sonniss has been able to put together an amazing collection of sound effects libraries worth nealry $8500. That’s 204 libraries containing nearly 200GB of files. To stand a chance of winning you need to go over to Sonniss and enter name and email address and next month 2 lucky winners will be selected at random.A Sound Effect Release The WindmillThe Windmill library has organic-sounding recordings of wood, stone and metal. Crunches, grindings, rumbles, rhythm, squeaks, roars, movements, gears – it’s all there, captured in an old windmill. This library focuses on the sounds of the wings, the main axis, the grindstone, the flour beaters and the global atmosphere – and they’re perfect for sounds of a wooden boat, wagons, structures, ropes etc. It features both interior and exterior recordings, and you get more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of atmospheric recordings in total.The Windmill costs just $48 inc vat.
    - 7 days ago, 22 Mar 15, 9:00am -
  • Tip For Switching Audio Inputs And Outputs Fast: Mac
    A cool little tip from and so simple too!You can switch your Mac input and output sources fast by simply hitting the Option key before clicking the speaker icon and you get the list of all your audio in and out. Nice.
    - 8 days ago, 21 Mar 15, 8:30pm -
  • Podcast Extra Interview With Steve Genewick
    In this Podcast Extra Interview James Ivey sits down with Steve Genewick. A three time Grammy nominated recording engineer, Steve has over twenty five years of experience, both as a studio and live recording engineer and since 1994 as worked primarily out of Capitol Studios as a staff engineer. For the last 12 years, Steve has had the great honour of working closely along side 23 time Grammy award winning engineer/producer Al Schmitt, working with artists like Diana Krall, Chris Botti, Gladys Knight, Neil Young, George Benson, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, and Paul McCartney.  When not at Capitol, Steve can be found working at any number of the major recording studios in town, or mixing at his own home studio. Take a listen and hear what they ended up chatting about.Listen on to the Pro Tools Expert Podcast on iTunesDownload the Pro Tools Expert Podcast as an MP3
    - 8 days ago, 21 Mar 15, 6:00pm -
  • Audient Lowers Price Of The Popular iD22 Interface
    Audient have announced that they are dropping the price of their iD22 interface to $599. That’s around a $200 drop from the previous price around $799 when it was introduced in late 2013.If you would like to know more about the Audient iD22 you can watch James’ show & tell video review.Although launched as a Mac only USB interface in April 2014 Audient released Windows drivers for the iD22.Audient’s owner Simon Blackwood told us…We closed a record year in 2014 and significantly increasing our iD22 customer base. Coupled with new, and expanded distribution for 2015 in the US market, this has allowed us to offer the iD22 with the David Dearden-designed all discreet ASP console mic preamps at this extremely competitive price. With its comprehensive feature set and sonic performance, we believe the iD22 is the best value interface on the market and now it’s even more affordable.More on The Audient iD22The iD22 is an audio interface and monitoring system with two analog inputs, ADAT in|out and six analogue outputs driven by Burr Brown 24-bit/96kHz convertors. The iD22’s preamplifiers use the discreet class A circuit design from the company’s large format ASP consoles which are used in over 1000 studio’s worldwide.
    - 8 days ago, 21 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
  • A-Z Of Pro Tools, Q Is For Quantise
    I couldn’t cover the letter Q without looking at quantize. When quantizing people are usually talking about forcing musical events into strict time. Very, very useful but also very misused, how can you use quantize in Pro Tools and how can you avoid over-using it?QuantizeIn Pro Tools you can quantize MIDI notes, audio clips or the audio within clips using elastic audio. This can be rendered or “baked in” to the clip using the quantize window, found under event operations in the event menu and it is this window on which I’ll concentrate here but there are other methods available. If you find you are quantizing everything to a 16th note grid after you have played it in you might as well enable input quantize, also found under event operations. For some styles this approach is appropriate but I’d think very carefully before leaving it switched on as a matter of course. A more recent addition to Pro Tools, and far more flexible than the previously mentioned approaches is using real time MIDI properties to quantize the unquantized performance in real time, on playback. Much like a real-time MIDI plug-in. Quantize can be applied using real time MIDI properties either on a per track or a per clip basis. For audio there is another option. Using beat detective offers a comprehensive toolkit for manipulating the timing of audio clips. Its been around a long time and the interface is showing its age but it gets the job done and crucially, it offers all the tools you need to fix timing in transient-rich audio all in one place.The Quantize WindowThe quantize window offers plenty of control for MIDI, with the option of quantizing note on, off or both, neatly changing the note duration to fit the quantize level. Tuplets are available so polyrhythmic tricks are easily experimented with, anything from triplets to five over four and beyond. Randomize offers a useful amount of “anti-quantize”. Under the options section are some really useful things. Variable swing is available. I’ve seen many people try to apply swing to events using too coarse a quantize value for the events being quantized, for example an eighth-note hat pattern won’t be changed if swung using a quantize value of 16, you would need a quantize value of eighth notes in this case. Obvious when stated like that but I’ve seen too many people think swing is broken because of this.The last three parameters in the quantize window are potentially very powerful but I know I use them less th…
    - 8 days ago, 21 Mar 15, 9:00am -
  • iZotope Announce Ozone 6.1 Free Update
    With the the latest update, Ozone 6.1, iZotope has included powerful processing features and brought back a popular feature from Ozone 5. New Features in iZotope Ozone 6.1Users can add an analog-type sound with the Maximizer’s new Tube Limiting mode, which combines the warmth of final stage limiting with the ease and precision of digital maximizing. The resulting audio has a tube warmth while remaining competitively loud and appropriate for modern mastering. With a new algorithm inspired by tube hardware limiters like the Fairchild 670, the Tube Limiter adds a vintage sonic character to Ozone’s maximizing algorithm.Adaptive Release helps users produce louder, clearer, and fuller masters. This mode for Ozone’s Dynamics module intelligently automates the difficult task of finding the right release times. The compressor actually interacts with the audio in real time, adjusting the release values based on the transient properties of the incoming signal.iZotope Bring Back Module Presets From Ozone 5Based on customer feedback, iZotope has also brought back Module Presets, a highly requested feature from existing customers who owned previous versions of Ozone. Module Presets help users to experiment with different module settings. Users can more easily load and save settings for individual modules without affecting the settings of other modules.iZotope’s Ozone product manager Izzy Maxwell told us….We’re really excited to make this free update available to the Ozone 6 community. We’re always listening to customer feedback, and we wanted to bring some exciting new processing into Ozone 6 while adding back a popular feature.Other additions and enhancements to Ozone 6.1 include selectable segmentation loops, automatic track numbers on export, and sound quality improvements. iZotope Ozone 6.1 PricingThe Ozone 6.1 update is free for existing Ozone 6 customers. For those who don’t yet own Ozone, Ozone 6, Ozone 6 Advanced, and upgrades are on sale through April 9.  
    - 9 days ago, 20 Mar 15, 1:50pm -

Pro Tooler Blog

    Warning: /home/easygeek/public_html/wp-content/themes/onenewspremium/includes/cache/2304b339c92a93ebbb7a2ffedb1ece16.spc is not writeable in /home/homemad1/public_html/ on line 1769
  • ProToolerBlog will be back!
    A little over a month after I announced that ProToolerBlog would close down I’m happy to announce that the site will be resurrected. Not by me, but by Peter Malick, a Los Angeles based producer/engineer that has made his living using Pro Tools since 2001 and been a professional musician since 1967. All the stuff […]
    - 55 days ago, 2 Feb 15, 8:11pm -
  • Avid to relist on NASDAQ
    Avid has announced that it has received approval to list its common stock on The NASDAQ Stock Market, LLC effective with the open of trading on Monday, December 8, 2014. “We are pleased that Avid stock will once again trade on the NASDAQ,” said John Frederick, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of […]
    - 9 Dec 14, 11:16pm -
  • 50% off individual McDSP plugins
    As the title says, through December 5th, McDSP offers 50% off all HD and Native individual plugins.
    - 3 Dec 14, 10:48pm -
  • Annual UAD holiday sale
    Universal Audio has announced its storewide annual holiday sale. Plugins are up to 60% off. The UA Holiday Sale ends Dec. 31st, 2014.
    - 3 Dec 14, 10:46pm -
  • Native Instruments announces Seventh Heaven Sales Special
    Native Instruments has launched the Seventh Heaven sales special. For a limited time, customers buying Maschine Studio, Maschine or Maschine Mikro will receive a bundle of seven Maschine Expansions for free. The Seventh Heaven sales special runs until December 31 at participating retailers and at the NI Online Shop. During the special, customers who buy […]
    - 3 Dec 14, 10:43pm -
  • More Black Friday sales
    Here are some more sales currently going on: Applied Acoustics Systems is currently discounting everything by 50%. McDSP is offering 50% off all HD and Native individual plugins. Slate Digital plugins are up to 70% off. DUY plugins are 75% off. ModeAudio discounts everything with 50%. Prime Loops is also running a 50% off sale.
    - 30 Nov 14, 10:06pm -
  • Black Friday sales
    Lots of sales going on right now. Here are some of them: EastWest celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday week by giving customers the opportunity to save an additional $100 on any order over $200 with the following coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at (European customers: Wave Arts is offering 40% off all products until […]
    - 27 Nov 14, 9:32pm -
  • 112dB updates effect plugins – including AAX support
    112dB has updated Redline Reverb, Redline Monitor, Redline Equalizer, Redline Preamp, Big Blue Limiter and Big Blue Compressor. These updates include AAX support and several stability fixes. As always 112dB, this is a free download for existing owners.
    - 25 Nov 14, 12:04am -
  • Hal Leonard publishes two new guides on ProTools 11
    Hal Leonard Books has published Mixing and Mastering with ProTools 11 and Producing Music with ProTools 11, both by certified Pro Tools trainer Greg Lorbecki and Avid pro audio specialist Greg “Stryke” Chin. In these focused guide, Lorbecki and Chin unlock the full potential of ProTools 11 as a professional mixing and mastering platform. They […]
    - 21 Nov 14, 11:00pm -
  • Mixing Massive Attack webinar
    Avid is hosting a new free webinar – Mixing Massive Attack. In our exclusive upcoming webinar, Avid® live sound specialist and veteran FOH engineer Robb Allan (Massive Attack, Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers) will take you behind the scenes of the 2014 Massive Attack Tour. You’ll learn how Allan approaches mixing this groundbreaking band and how […]
    - 17 Nov 14, 10:04am -
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