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Dream Home Dreaming

Living on Hawaii might be a dream you have. It might even be a reality! What is it that you have been dreaming about for your home for you and your family to live? You see, living is funny thing. There are things that we want and things that we need to have. Do not compromise your living situation for aspects that you truly need. Now if you have no choice… that is another matter. Say you need a wheelchair ramp. By all means do not invest in a home that does not accommodate you or your family’s needs there! Be ensured that the place you live meets the minimum of your needs.

Above and beyond that is where it gets fun! Take into consideration wood grains, the design of the home, the flow. Think about what you envision your home to feel like when you walk into it. What do you want in your home that makes it truly feel like home? Sure your family members are there, but take a moment to think materialistic. Envision your custom dream home now. While you do that, look at for more ideas and real life inspiration.

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How to Build Your Own Home Recording Studio

Setting up a home recording studio is really complicated. When planning your spending budget, you have to know what you need to purchase for a basic home recording studio. The single most important item you must have is the condenser microphone. If you have a low quality microphone you’ll never be able to capture high quality vocals. That’s an undeniable fact. So, my recommendation is to purchase a really good microphone. There are few interesting microphones around $170. AT2041 is one of those extremely good microphones, however, you can always buy a much better one. Don’t forget, a microphone needs a pop filter, a microphone stand and a microphone pre-amplifier.

You can combine the microphone pre-amplifier and the soundcard together. Just purchase an audio interface that includes Phantom Power. I suggest M-Audio systems, but EMU soundcards are pretty good as well. After that, you need to purchase monitors and headphones. Studio monitors are essential when mixing your song. Headphones are not that really important, so any kind of headphones will work. Then, you will want to install the recording software program. You can choose from Audacity or Cubase software. If you’re really newbie at this, Audacity is good for beginners. Don’t forget to export your songs at professional quality. In order to get some exposure, you can publish your songs on YouTube.

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