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Spotify Has Improved But Needs Ratings or It Will die

While I have to say I still miss some of the features of the old music player software I was using before Spotify and iTunes came around, I will say Spotify has improved.

The ability to play related songs is very cool. It helps me find new music.

What I don’t understand though is why they continue to omit the ratings of songs???

Don’t they realize that people have a personal library of songs and like to rate them?

That omission is a mystery to me. After all if they want to take me away from Apple iTunes and my music library they need to give me the features I need to properly organize my music collection.

Being able to rate songs makes it easy to play only the good ones when wanted and also create playlists that are better.

On iTunes I can quickly make playlists of “only 5’s” or 4 and above.

If you want a great playlist this is the best way to do it.

Need to find good songs fast and put them on a cd or send to other devices? Sort by rating and you can do it fast!

Unfortunately you can’t do it in Spotify. You can in iTunes and most other jukebox music software players.



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Multimedia System Screens: Outdoor Advertisement For Businesses

Outdoor signage systems like outdoor video signage, multimedia system screens with big screen video showcases are quite popular nowadays mainly in big industrial corporations like food markets and grocery stores. It’s like a huge television system where you can display an advertisement. They are good because they can be set to advertise several items. They cost much higher than conventional outdoor signs, though.

Advertising and marketing outdoor advertisement is excellent for businesses to show shoppers the brand of your store and what you are supplying. It is normally made of heavy duty plastic signboard with large images and logo on it, for people to see easily. Some are built with UV shielded plastic to resist fading due to extended direct exposure to sunlight. Some are made of aluminum and vinyl fabric banners for a strong and lightweight design that will survive a long time. You can also use them to welcome dropping by colleagues and loved ones at the entrance of your house while incorporating a touch of design and charm to the outside.

If you have a product that changes information regularly, this is the right product for you. Unlike LED signs which can be set very easily, you have to personally assemble the words or numbers, letter by letter and number by number which is time consuming and in most cases, they are located in high areas, which make them harder to do. You can find them at Outdoor Signs America. For a full index of outdoor signs online, try to pay a visit to directory listings. You can find many retailers catering outdoor signage from all over US and other countries like Canada and UK.

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Become A Better Multimedia Designer

This article refers to my experience in publications, but the concepts apply equally to other media in both web design and print. No matter what application you work on, or what field you’re in, these rules are universal. Understanding them and applying them will pave you a rock-solid platform for a successful career. The rest is up to you!

There’s no question some individuals have a talent for graphic design, but even the most skilled novices need some mentoring in order to learn fundamental design basics when they’re starting out. Without such direction, many gifted designers will fall short of their potential. I’ve seen professional Art Directors do high-impact magazine covers and creative feature openers filled with eye-popping typography and intricate Photoshop collages. But the articles that follow are littered with unforgivable design flaws.

Here are some basic guidelines, not necessarily in order of importance, which will guide you become a better designer from day one. Creativity without order is contemporary art, not graphic design. Never ignore your client. They’re paying you to be creative, but working with these guidelines in mind will enable build structure to your art so that it’s true to its purpose and sells exactly what it’s designed to sell…be it glamorous or not-so-glamorous. After all, that’s exactly what we’re hired to do.

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Spotify used to be GREAT. Now it SUCKS.

Spotify is not listening to it’s users who are upset over the update they made in Feb. 2013.

There have been ZERO IMPROVEMENTS made to SPOTIFY LOAD SPEED or rather LACK OF SPEED in the SPOTIFY APP loading on my computer since after their HORRIBLE UPDATE.

SPOTIFY still loads too slow and takes too long to play music. It sucks.

It used to be just fine before the update.

I am now forced to use iTunes every morning when I boot up my PC because it takes SPOTIFY so long to load and be able play music.

10 to 20 minutes is ridiculous to have to wait for something to load.

I have high speed internet and can stream videos just fine – but the spotify app loads and acts like a zombie until 10 to 20 minutes passes and the app loads all it’s crap.

Everything else on my Windows 7 PC loads fast EXCEPT SPOTIFY after your lousy update.

itunes – less than 1 minute and it is ready.

Chrome or Internet Explorere is ready in 10 or so seconds to play videos or music.

Why not the NEW version Spotify?

It was a huge step backwards when you updated Spotify and it seems you have no interest in serving the tons of people complaining in your forum who are upset their favorite MUSIC APP has gone bad.

Look at the thread Horrible update which has 4,343 entries as of today (April 12, 2013)

That’s a lot of upset people. Your fans are angry. Don’t you care?

There must be some secret reason you’d endure this kind of user wrath just to have your bloated new version of Spotify stay as it is.

I just had another unpleasant experience with SPOTIFY (this happens every day by the way)

I rebooted my PC because SPOTIFY STOPPED PLAYING (that happens a lot – it feels like it ran out of memory or something and just won’t play any more) and since I know how long it takes for spotify to start up – I started it and went for a walk

20 minutes later when I cam back it was still a zombie

If I clicked on the app or a playlist I would get a windows alert saying the program was not responding.

I finally gave up.

Spotify used to be GREAT. Now it SUCKS.

I would be thrilled to have another alternative as I don’t need this extra GRIEF every time I want to listen to music.

Start paying attention SPOTIFY or you’ll lose the loyal base you gathered up so quickly.

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TV and DVD Combo

Do you remember the good old days when VHS and Beta tapes were battling it out?

Boy – even though VHS was the format that won – it didn’t have the staying power to be here with us today.

That is why VHS is a thing of the past and DV has become the main fromat of choice for watching videos on a tv!

There are certain places where a small television under 20 inches would work very well. In fact, in cramped quarters such as a study or a kitchen where you might watch television at close quarters, anything bigger would actually be difficult to enjoy. That’s where a TV and DVD combo comes in.

With a TV and DVD combo, you simply do not have to worry about the mess that goes with combining discrete units. Not only do you need to make room for the TV, you need to find a place to put the set top box or the DVD player down and you have to find extra power outlets to plug them into as well.

There are basically three kinds of TV and DVD combo that you could go with. To begin with, there’s the standard kind that’s simply television that supports itself on a stand, with a slot loaded DVD player on the edge.

The flip-down television model is another possibility. You’ve seen these attached to the ceiling in cars. When you have no space in your kitchen to spare at all, this is the way you need to go.

remote controlI’d rather have a larger tv set, but those flip down televisions are better than nothing at all!

And finally, there are TV and DVD combos that are actually portable. They make these in several designs. Some of them look like boomboxes, except that they have a small 5 inch television where there would have been a cassette player at one time. The laptop style combo is perhaps the oldest kind. We are all familiar with that. With most of these units, you need to make do with something under 9 inches.

Now which do you choose? For the most part, much depends on the kind of
need you have. You need to be aware of the limitations that these players have.

None of these units is high definition. The most that you get is a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Which fits rather neatly in with how the manufacturers never put a Blu-Ray drive in a unit like this.

Nearly every TV and DVD combo these days comes with a digital tuner. That’s a new development today. You even get a digital tuner included in the boombox model and other portables. Many units also include a QAM tuner. This allows you to choose your unit to catch a wireless signal from your set top box in the living room. It can be a great way to get all the digital signals you need, right from your cable connection.

Geeks can really appreciate all the options available to us to enjoy television! It’s easy to catch our favorite tv shows wherever we go!

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Avid Pro Tools Section added to Easy Geeks

Avid Pro Tools

I just added a section to Easy Geeks for news articles and videos about Avid and Pro Tools.

If you are a musician, composer or multimedia producer you’ll find some great news, articles and videos!

You’ll find links to videos from Avid:

IBC 2012: Pro Mixing for Broadcast Post and Surround
IBC 2012: Pro Mixing for Broadcast Post and SurroundPro Mixing Webinars – Whether you mix music or sound for post, with Pro Tools or another DAW, or have a big or not so big studio, we’ve got you covered. From the sleek C|24 and ICON to the high-performance System 5, unprecedented speed and control are in your hands. Learn more about Pro Mixing consoles and control surfaces www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:802 9ratingsTime:02:11More inMusic
IBC 2012: Neyrinck Introduces New Dolby Pro Logic AAX Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools®


IBC 2012: Neyrinck Introduces New Dolby Pro Logic AAX Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools®Download 2-day trial – SoundCode LtRt Tools is a suite of Pro Tools AAX Native, AAX DSP, and Audiosuite plug-ins designed for post-production studios, TV mixers and broadcasters that monitor or deliver stereo down mixed and LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic™ I and II decoders. SoundCode LtRt Tools now includes a Pro Logic IIx decoder licensed from Dolby Laboratories Inc. It provides 7.1, 5.1, and LCRS decoding so mixers can simulate consumer system playback environments. Learn more about Dolby Pro Logic Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools Learn more about AAX plug-in compatibility www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:1228 4ratingsTime:03:54More inHowto & Style
IBC 2012: What’s New in Avid® DS 11
IBC 2012: What’s New in Avid® DS 11Try out Avid DS for 30 days – Avid DS is a full-featured editing, graphics creation, color correction, and compositing solution, and is the absolute best conforming tool for Media Composer and Symphony to create and deliver high-end content. Save time and money by keeping all editing and finishing in house. Choose the low cost software-only version to use with your existing hardware, or the complete Avid DS System—a hardware/software bundle that comes with everything you need to capture, edit, monitor, create, and conform high-end content. Learn more about Avid DS Learn more about Artist Color control surface 
IBC 2012: First Look at Media Composer 6.5 Timeline
IBC 2012: First Look at Media Composer 6.5 TimelineFree trial – Media Composer 6.5 Family is designed to eliminate bottlenecks, enabling you to work faster than ever. See what’s new in Media Composer 6.5 Family www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:2290 12ratingsTime:02:53More inHowto & Style
And also feeds from popular blogs about Avid and Pro Tools:

Pro Tools Expert

  • SoundToys Update On AAX Developments
    SoundToys have just responded on their Facebook page to questions about 64 bit and AAX developments and this is what they have said…64bit in progress, and making headway. We have kept an eye on aspects of 64bit that cross over to AAX so when we’re done with 64bit, we will be able to leap into AAX. AAX(DSP) is not in development. That will be on hold until we are done with 64bit. Once we begin AAX native, we will make the decision of doing or not doing AAX DSP, but right now, it’s not in progress. That doesn’t mean we won’t do it, it just means we have to finish other things before making that decision.OK at least it is clearer, but I do hope they will go for AAX DSP. Their Pitch Doctor plug-in was my preferred tuning plug-in, but now is not available to me as I have an HDX rig. I do hope you guys at SoundToys do go for AAX DSP. Anyone who wants AAX and especially AAX DSP perhaps should tell them?

  • 5 Things I Would Tell My Kids If They Were Wanting

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