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Spotify Has Improved But Needs Ratings or It Will die

While I have to say I still miss some of the features of the old music player software I was using before Spotify and iTunes came around, I will say Spotify has improved.

The ability to play related songs is very cool. It helps me find new music.

What I don’t understand though is why they continue to omit the ratings of songs???

Don’t they realize that people have a personal library of songs and like to rate them?

That omission is a mystery to me. After all if they want to take me away from Apple iTunes and my music library they need to give me the features I need to properly organize my music collection.

Being able to rate songs makes it easy to play only the good ones when wanted and also create playlists that are better.

On iTunes I can quickly make playlists of “only 5’s” or 4 and above.

If you want a great playlist this is the best way to do it.

Need to find good songs fast and put them on a cd or send to other devices? Sort by rating and you can do it fast!

Unfortunately you can’t do it in Spotify. You can in iTunes and most other jukebox music software players.



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Jewish Music

The history of Jewish songs is about the life of the Jewish people through the hundreds of years from biblical times through today. Back in biblical times, the temple orchestra comprised of 12 musical instruments, and the choir consisted of 12 male artists. The main instrument was an uggav, which looked much like a church organ does today.

After the Temple in Jerusalem was demolished for a time, all music was forbidden. The ban on music in temple was eventually laid back, and liturgical poems called piyyutim began to flourish and define the form that Jewish music would take.

Modern day Jewish religious music is very, very different. Secular Jewish music has also transformed over the years, and the influence of gentiles can be heard in it. Menashe Ravina was a Jewish composer and music critic. In 1943 he said, “The huge modification in our lives demands new modes of expression and, just as in our language we returned to our historical past, so has our ear turned to the music of the east … as an expression of our innermost feelings.”

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Spotify Update takes a big step backwards

I finally found an ANGRY thread on Spotify forum about latest UPDATE and now realize that the Spotify update may be what is causing my PC to act weird.

I am having problems I did not have before and my pc certainly is more sluggish.


That is what really upsets me is that in the morning when I turn on my PC it now takes MUCH LONGER for Spotify to be responsive enough to PLAY music on.

I mean it is SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER to load.

At least 10 minutes after booting up my pc.

I have to keep coming back over and over again to see if it has finished INITIALIZING  yet and that is very annoying.

Then when the interface finally does load if you click on anything it zombies out and looks like it has frozen. The graphics are all stalled and the program is unresponsive.

I think this update is awful and not only is it SLUGGISH and BLOATED I don’t like the new look.

There must be some kind of TRACKING or SPY stuff going on that they insist on keeping this DOG VERSION up and running when the old one was so good.

Man – I loved Spotify but now have to admit I am getting angry and will start using other apps instead of wasting my time WAITING for spotify.

NOW – am I crazy or this SPOTIFY VERSION now affecting my PC as well? Someone else said their pc was slow.

Geez – I hate when people force stuff on me. This forced update is not good. I want the old spotify back.

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