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Arrow Three Ghosts Episode Review and WoW Movie Announcement

It is another great time to do a review of episodes released by Netflix and an upcoming movie release announcement taken part by them. With your Netflix access in Canada, you may have been able to experience these two awesome digital entertainment passages. But anyway, let’s carry on!

As exciting as this episode of DC and CW’s episode might be, I will try my very best to write as few spoilers as possible, because I know it would be useless to write a review of this episode without ever having to give out some details about this very interesting episode for all comic book and Green Arrow fans alike.

This week fans of Arrow just bear witness to a jaw dropping, heart pumping and very revealing episode of DC’s very own television series Arrow. Though the series has been going on for 2 seasons now, let me just clarify that this episode is very much worth writing a review for, simply because of the wonderful things that transpired during its 43 minutes airing time.

One of the good points in this episode of Arrow is the showcasing of not only one major DC character, but other minor characters as well (as we have witnessed in their previous episodes). Featured in this episode is the reappearance of none other than Barry Allen, who will later be famously known as The Flash, protector of Central City. And have been reported to have its very own series as a spin-off of Arrow. Another character that we can see during this episode is the villain Cyrus Gold, a villain imbued with superhuman strength and is under the command of Brother Blood, which in turn is under the command of a more powerful individual who will probably give Oliver Queen and his gang some real problems in the future. This individual is actually revealed in this episode but for the sake of those who still haven’t watched it yet, I will not do so.

In this episode Oliver Queen comes face to face with people from his past, hence the title “Three Ghosts”. These “ghosts” actually helped Oliver in realizing his real purpose of donning the hood while dealing with some minor problems of his own. This is also the first time some people from the island are actually seen on the “present” setting of Arrow. This is also the episode where Oliver Queen dumps his green eye dye to the Green Arrow mask we all know and love. And whose idea was it for him to change the mask? Watch it.

This one.


With all the exciting twists and turns this episode has shown, I personally would rate this episode 9/10, with a very little room for improvement. Since the beginning of this series CW and Arrow has really stepped it up with every episode, and they have actually stepped up big time for this one. For those who haven’t seen Arrow or those who have held back due to recent letdowns in comic based television series, this actually is a show worth viewing.

World of Warcraft Movie, The Long Wait Is Over

Geeks and nerds from all over the globe have been waiting for one thing for a very long time since the idea was conceptualized and announced a couple of years ago. The film adaptation of one of the most successful franchise in the history of PC gaming which has been the center of talks between gaming enthusiasts from all walks of life. This particular game my friends, is called World of Warcraft. And it will finally be on the big screens soon enough, as recent reports said.

How World of Warcraft Could Break the “Sucky Video Game Movie” Curse – io9

World of Warcraft the movie will be produced by Legendary Pictures; the same company that brought you the recent Batman movies, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans, Inception, 300 and even the upcoming Godzilla remake. This alone would make nerds and geeks of all ages giggle in excitement. And if that’s not good enough news for you, it will start filming next year in Vancouver, proof that the movie will not be a full CG animation film like some other movie adaptations of other video games in the past.

The game is set to be released in 2015, possibly clashing with the most awaited book based movies like Avengers 2, Man of Steel 2, Fantastic 4 reboot, The Hunger Games as well as Assassin’s Creed the movie, which we all know is from a video game as well.

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Call of Duty Crack – Have fun

Since it’s inception way back in October of 2003, Call of Duty has evolved through the years with a profound level of success. While Counter Strike best served those who craved for strategic team play, COD didn’t let itself fall out of the competition and made even more success through a unique campaign mode.

In November of 2012, Activision and Square Enix has finally released the latest development of Treyarch: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This latest installment features a plethora of exciting features, particularly weapons, maps and modes of play. Playing this latest version of the infamous FPS game will definitely mold a new kind of feel with its new ingredients stirred altogether.

The Set and Characters

COD: Black Ops II comes with a new twist – connecting one modern storyline with an antique one from the past. We’re talking about the 80’s here, baby, you know, when Funky Town was still hot on the block. Anyway, it was also the time of which the cold war that loomed long before had finally arised, which again transpired in the future we have yet to come in real life. Year 2025. Alex Mason plays as the protagonist who seeks to behead the not so goody-good perspectives of Raul Mendez, the Nicaraguan Narco freak terrorist, which basically warrants him as the MAJOR antagonist of the game. The latter tends to put China and the US into war as a revenge towards the misfortunes he’s had in the past.

Robotic Revolution and Magma Galore

As a gamer myself, it’s quite fascinating to see how the Call of Duty universe had finally summed up to a different kind of evolution – something that puts robotic technology and ultimate warheads into play. In addition, you can indulge into a new kind of madness with a map that sets somewhere around Japan where volcanoes are active, shooting off magma from afar. Now, isn’t that just cool? Well, who ever thought it could get so hot?

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Crack

You read that right, and yeah, good news for you, bro. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Crack has become omnipresent these days. That basically means you get to enjoy the game minus the hassle of putting that damn DVD on and off everytime you have to play.

Do you crave for a total gun-shooting trip during your late nights with a pal? Play for a campaign or join the bandwagon of LAN and online gamers. All that and more with the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 crack. Have fun!

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An Unbiased iPad Review

People are talking about the iPad at every turn nowadays. At first there was wide speculation about whether or not Apple’s newest gadget would be popular, those fears have been allayed. Needless to say there are many individuals still concerned about whether or not it’s good enough to justify its hefty price tag. You’ll have to figure out whether or not it’s for you on your own but this article can help you make an educated decision.

This post will help some understand they can go online and browse the web with their iPad device. Having a built in wireless allows automatically seeks out accessible networks. Did you know having a built in wireless, you can get online just about anywhere where there is a wireless network. With your iPad, you can take part in social networks and read and send emails. On selected websites, you may have restrictions to the access certain options with the iPad that doesn’t support flash.

Players will really enjoy the ability you’ll have to play games on the iPad. The screen is a high quality screen and 3D games look incredible on it. The main concern that games face with the iPad however is the fact that the computer provides a keyboard, mouse, or wheel in order to communicate with the game and the iPad does not. There is a new accessory on the horizon though that will eliminate these issues and make the iPad a better alternative for gaming. Until that moment though gamers will have some gaming features but not enough to really make hard core gamers pleased.

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Free online games

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What is this buzz about online games?

Even the social networking sites like Facebook provide you a huge range of addictive games and so do the various online gaming websites. Generally if you are getting bored and want a slice of fun, then you need some partners with you or you need to travel somewhere for it and getting either of that is not always possible. The weather might not be right to go out; your friends might be busy. But for online games you need not bother anyone.

So what are the advantages that make people play these online games? They are innumerable to name, but then for you let us just name a few. Online games are free, all you need is an internet connection, a good one and you are raring to go. Moreover the plethora of options provided here are huge, you will get all types of games, and yeah literally all types. You name it and they have it! There are adult games, girl’s games, kid’s games, boy’s games, sports games, online gambling games and the list just goes on endlessly.

The free online games are so convenient that you can play them at your home only with comfort and you need not travel anywhere. The biggest advantage is that they are free. Entertainment and excitement at free cost- you would surely agree that these games are like god’s gift. Some of these games can even be downloaded so you can play them without the internet also. You can even multitask while playing them. Some of the online gambling games even help you win cash. So when you are playing these online games are there any disadvantages, doesn’t seem so! Thus nothing should stop you from trying it at least. Go ahead and enjoy the gaming world’s advantages.

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