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What Interests You? Get A New Spark Perhaps!

Are you interested in what is going on in the world of electronics, machines, technology, everything mashed together? There is plenty going on and everyone is trying to be on the up and up about it. If you are interested in these kinds of matters and want to be more involved or at least in the know, have a look at See what is new, what is good; see what interests you and inspires you. You never know what kinds of things like that will spark within you, whether it be a new hobby or interest is arisen, or you are genuinely interested and you think you’d like to direct your career path in a different direction. Perhaps you were already interested in civil engineering and you were looking for something just a bit different, something you fancied just a bit more. You would be able to make a transition of your focus, not the career field, but your focus most definitely. Consider it and see what opens up for you in that field.

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All About Hi Tech Gadgets At

Summer is right around the corner, most people’s plans on what to do then involve the beach. Unfortunately, many of those plans involve no activity that is more adventurous than watching videos on iPads on the beach. Seen this way, iPads and iPhones do become great examples of the Gadget World. But that’s not the kind of outdoors gadget that we have in mind today. For those who really want to take the outdoors by the horns and really experience it, the kind of gadgets you get are not only useful, they are full of features you couldn’t ever get to see on a merely mortal iPhone. So when did the manufacturers suddenly realize that there was a market to be served in action oriented gadgetry? There’s a simple answer to that. They realized that when they found that the general consumer electronics market was dropping off every year at an unbelievable 10%. When you target a niche segment, you get to charge higher prices. That’s always a welcome way to go. Right?

Gadget world

So what kind of action do they make gargets these for? Do you love fishing? No, there isn’t an app for that (or is there?). But there is a high-tech gadget with a sonar that will help you zero in on where to catch is. How about waterproof MP3 players between that like it wet and wild, or wearable video cameras for surfers that can really take you to the centre of the action? Let’s look at a few of them now, shall we?

Let’s start with that intriguing hi tech gadget for the angler – a market of 50 million people, by the way. Sonar devices have become reasonably popular over the last couple of years. Beam your sonar under the surface of a river, a lake or even the ocean; the sound waves go deep down, and a screen you hold in your hand displays a proper image of what lies down there. They usually cost anything upwards of $100, depending on how powerful they are and how large the screen is that the show you the picture on. Of course, electronic bait and battery-powered reels are a lot of fun. But it’s really something else to have high-tech gadget that’ll actually map it for you. Talk about an unequal contest for the fish.

Wearable cameras are the biggest thing in outdoors gadgetry these days. The Looxcie, for instance, a wireless camera you wear on your ear and that has a solid 5-hour recording capacity in a form that’s about the size of your little finger, is a great little innovation. But it isn’t truly outdoorsy. Because it isn’t weather proof. For that, you have a bunch of great products that sell for no more than $400, that are waterproof, shock resistant and that come with suction cups. These are really inexpensive products like the $300 Liquid Image camera that comes strapped to a scuba helmet. It gives you high definition video of everything you look at with commendable colour accuracy.

There is much more to be had in the outdoors hi-tech gadget world. For instance, there those who say that you haven’t really swum until you done it with crystal-clear audio slamming away at your eardrums when you are underwater. It’s all about the taming the outdoors

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Stay Safe With Smartphone Surveillance

The contemporary mobile phone is slowly becoming the key to everything. As much as I hate to admit it, and I really do HATE to admit it, cell phones are evolving into that be-all end-all tool/device. At first they were just for communicating with others in the traditional telephone sense. Then later came the text messaging. Soon enough we were chatting on the web via our cell phones and checking emails without our computers. Before we knew it, our mobile phones became cameras. Now we’re able to watch movies and listen to music on the darn things. Oh, and let’s not forget about cell phone surveillance features. What in the world will any human do without his/her cellular phone now? It’s certainly an epidemic.

Convenience is the primary term at-hand. This is what our smartphone offer us. Without them, we may no longer know the meaning of the word. They already provide us with so much. Personally I’m into the cell phone surveillance options. I can pop open my laptop and find out where my daughter is at any time. This is a great feature to have on cellular phones. So if someone gets lost or taken, you can simply track the cell phone. Furthermore, there are other cell phone surveillance features to pick from. Let’s talk home security! Do you currently have a security/alarm system installed in your home? If you do, then how do you monitor it? One way to do so is via your cell phone. This is a fairly new concept, so you may or may not have heard of it yet. I don’t think a lot of people are taking advantage of it. It basically works like this; you set up your home security system and link it to your cell phone. This way you can monitor what’s happening at your home with your mobile phone.

It’s doubtful that you’ll find an adult or teenager in India, who lacks a cell phone. Folks across the nation are taking full advantage of the entertainment features found on their cell phones. So why not look into the cell phone surveillance features as well? This is a great way for you to stay safe and protect your loved ones. Hey, we might as well use all this technology to our advantage.

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Deciding on VOIP Telephony

Business telephony systems have changed in more ways then you would think. The entire telephone industry has become virtual by using software based phones, SIP trunking and ePRI the have become Unified Communications or UC as many people call it. Todays business communication comes in multiple forms, email, sms, voice mail, live calls, instant messages etc.. and the power of this new field of UC is that no matter what form the initial message comes in it makes it to the correct person in their preferred form. Voice mail ca become sms or a mp3 in their inbox. Text messages are even converted into speech and sent via a phone call. We are living in an amazing time but without the correct business communication system we can quickly fall behind.

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Bitcoin Currency

Easy Trading Using the Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin involves digital cash allowing payments worldwide. Bitcoin currency was introduced in 2009.It uses technology to send or receive bitcoins using computers and mobile or web applications. No banks or middle men are involved in the transactions and thus everyone can take part. Transactions depends solely on network and purchase of merchandise is simplified.

Since there are no transaction fees and credit cards required, the Bitcoin currency is widely accepted by many traders. Bitcoins are acquired through exchange of currencies, goods and services. They are also acquired through rewards to winners for completed transaction’s known as mining e.g. 25 bitcoins for every 10 minutes.

The bitcoin currency is not tied to any international regulations. Indeed they are stored in a visual digital wallet in the user’s computer. The bitcoins can also be bought as a form of investment .It allows private transactions as real names are not exposed at all. It is surely the digital currency for any trader online.

Technology marches on!

Cell Phone Spying Technology

Do you remember a time when there have been no mobile phones? Almost certainly not, but when I was in higher school, we didn’t own them. You needed to go to a phone booth to create a call and folks were not reachable the moment they’d left their workplaces or homes. Today, if I neglect my cellular phone in the home, I would stop and go again to acquire it, then use it to inform the person that is most certainly awaiting me that I’ll arrive late.

Clearly, the cellphone isn’t just a solution to speak to people anymore. It’s like having a mini laptop or computer and multimedia center with you. Most parents use it for social networking, e-mail viewing and producing and as an agenda. Teenagers enjoy it to keep in touch with close buddies and also to reveal media files like photographs, video clip, and tunes.

A lot of applications have already been developed for cell phones, as cell phone tracker as the newest and hottest of them is cell phone spy software.

Cellphone spy application has become equally favored and hated. I personally uncover it a really valuable tool in terms of safeguarding your young children.

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Spotify used to be GREAT. Now it SUCKS.

Spotify is not listening to it’s users who are upset over the update they made in Feb. 2013.

There have been ZERO IMPROVEMENTS made to SPOTIFY LOAD SPEED or rather LACK OF SPEED in the SPOTIFY APP loading on my computer since after their HORRIBLE UPDATE.

SPOTIFY still loads too slow and takes too long to play music. It sucks.

It used to be just fine before the update.

I am now forced to use iTunes every morning when I boot up my PC because it takes SPOTIFY so long to load and be able play music.

10 to 20 minutes is ridiculous to have to wait for something to load.

I have high speed internet and can stream videos just fine – but the spotify app loads and acts like a zombie until 10 to 20 minutes passes and the app loads all it’s crap.

Everything else on my Windows 7 PC loads fast EXCEPT SPOTIFY after your lousy update.

itunes – less than 1 minute and it is ready.

Chrome or Internet Explorere is ready in 10 or so seconds to play videos or music.

Why not the NEW version Spotify?

It was a huge step backwards when you updated Spotify and it seems you have no interest in serving the tons of people complaining in your forum who are upset their favorite MUSIC APP has gone bad.

Look at the thread Horrible update which has 4,343 entries as of today (April 12, 2013)

That’s a lot of upset people. Your fans are angry. Don’t you care?

There must be some secret reason you’d endure this kind of user wrath just to have your bloated new version of Spotify stay as it is.

I just had another unpleasant experience with SPOTIFY (this happens every day by the way)

I rebooted my PC because SPOTIFY STOPPED PLAYING (that happens a lot – it feels like it ran out of memory or something and just won’t play any more) and since I know how long it takes for spotify to start up – I started it and went for a walk

20 minutes later when I cam back it was still a zombie

If I clicked on the app or a playlist I would get a windows alert saying the program was not responding.

I finally gave up.

Spotify used to be GREAT. Now it SUCKS.

I would be thrilled to have another alternative as I don’t need this extra GRIEF every time I want to listen to music.

Start paying attention SPOTIFY or you’ll lose the loyal base you gathered up so quickly.

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Avid Pro Tools Section added to Easy Geeks

Avid Pro Tools

I just added a section to Easy Geeks for news articles and videos about Avid and Pro Tools.

If you are a musician, composer or multimedia producer you’ll find some great news, articles and videos!

You’ll find links to videos from Avid:

IBC 2012: Pro Mixing for Broadcast Post and Surround
IBC 2012: Pro Mixing for Broadcast Post and SurroundPro Mixing Webinars – Whether you mix music or sound for post, with Pro Tools or another DAW, or have a big or not so big studio, we’ve got you covered. From the sleek C|24 and ICON to the high-performance System 5, unprecedented speed and control are in your hands. Learn more about Pro Mixing consoles and control surfaces www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:802 9ratingsTime:02:11More inMusic
IBC 2012: Neyrinck Introduces New Dolby Pro Logic AAX Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools®


IBC 2012: Neyrinck Introduces New Dolby Pro Logic AAX Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools®Download 2-day trial – SoundCode LtRt Tools is a suite of Pro Tools AAX Native, AAX DSP, and Audiosuite plug-ins designed for post-production studios, TV mixers and broadcasters that monitor or deliver stereo down mixed and LtRt encoded audio compatible with Pro Logic™ I and II decoders. SoundCode LtRt Tools now includes a Pro Logic IIx decoder licensed from Dolby Laboratories Inc. It provides 7.1, 5.1, and LCRS decoding so mixers can simulate consumer system playback environments. Learn more about Dolby Pro Logic Audio Plug-In for Pro Tools Learn more about AAX plug-in compatibility www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:1228 4ratingsTime:03:54More inHowto & Style
IBC 2012: What’s New in Avid® DS 11
IBC 2012: What’s New in Avid® DS 11Try out Avid DS for 30 days – Avid DS is a full-featured editing, graphics creation, color correction, and compositing solution, and is the absolute best conforming tool for Media Composer and Symphony to create and deliver high-end content. Save time and money by keeping all editing and finishing in house. Choose the low cost software-only version to use with your existing hardware, or the complete Avid DS System—a hardware/software bundle that comes with everything you need to capture, edit, monitor, create, and conform high-end content. Learn more about Avid DS Learn more about Artist Color control surface 
IBC 2012: First Look at Media Composer 6.5 Timeline
IBC 2012: First Look at Media Composer 6.5 TimelineFree trial – Media Composer 6.5 Family is designed to eliminate bottlenecks, enabling you to work faster than ever. See what’s new in Media Composer 6.5 Family www.avid.comFrom:avidViews:2290 12ratingsTime:02:53More inHowto & Style
And also feeds from popular blogs about Avid and Pro Tools:

Pro Tools Expert

  • SoundToys Update On AAX Developments
    SoundToys have just responded on their Facebook page to questions about 64 bit and AAX developments and this is what they have said…64bit in progress, and making headway. We have kept an eye on aspects of 64bit that cross over to AAX so when we’re done with 64bit, we will be able to leap into AAX. AAX(DSP) is not in development. That will be on hold until we are done with 64bit. Once we begin AAX native, we will make the decision of doing or not doing AAX DSP, but right now, it’s not in progress. That doesn’t mean we won’t do it, it just means we have to finish other things before making that decision.OK at least it is clearer, but I do hope they will go for AAX DSP. Their Pitch Doctor plug-in was my preferred tuning plug-in, but now is not available to me as I have an HDX rig. I do hope you guys at SoundToys do go for AAX DSP. Anyone who wants AAX and especially AAX DSP perhaps should tell them?

  • 5 Things I Would Tell My Kids If They Were Wanting

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