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  • Improve Your Recordings and Mixes, on the Cheap
    Some of the easiest ways to improve your recordings are also the cheapest. In fact, the most effective techniques require no money at all. Here’s a collection of tips you might find helpful the next time a pricey piece of gear stands between you and great recordings. Help from others Have a friend perform: Home […]
    - 1 Jun 08, 12:24am -
  • 10 Myths About Normalization
    The process of normalization often confuses newcomers to digital audio production. The word itself, “normalize,” has various meanings, and this certainly contributes to the confusion. However, beginners and experts alike are also tripped up by the myths and misinformation that abound on the topic. I address the 10 most common myths, and the truth behind […]
    - 20 Apr 08, 12:17pm -
  • Using Delays for 3D Sound Placement
    The easiest way to move a track “back” in a mix is to lower its volume. This works because in our everyday lives, sounds get quieter as they recede from us, so we’re accustomed to the effect. But our brains also use other cues to determine distance. For example, human hearing excels at matching a […]
    - 4 Mar 08, 11:57pm -
  • Busy Day
    My apologies if you tried to reach Hometracked earlier and saw a 503 error. The site got a little busy – visitors from Digg, Reddit, and the awesome AbsolutePunk – and Dreamhost throttled my bandwidth. (So much for the 10Tb, I guess.) No matter, everything looks to be running again, and the hate-mail from angry […]
    - 8 Feb 08, 2:48am -
  • Vocal EQ Tips
    Here are some tips and techniques for treating vocal tracks with EQ while mixing. Most importantly: Every voice is different, and every song is different. That advice bears remembering, even if you’ve heard it dozens of times. When you find yourself approaching a vocal mix on auto-pilot, applying effects “because they worked last time,” consider […]
    - 8 Feb 08, 2:48am -
  • Auto-Tune Abuse in Pop Music – 10 Examples
    Pitch correction software has applications from restoration and mix-rescue to outright distortion of a voice or instrument. I’ll discuss some of the more tasteful uses of these auto-tune tools (whether the original from Antares, or a variant like the free GSnap) below. But first I thought I’d highlight their misuse to illustrate the effects we […]
    - 6 Feb 08, 3:45am -

Inside Home Recording

  • Factors Considered when selecting a Rental apartment
    It is the dream of every person to live in the right house, but finding a rental apartment that fits one’s budget and lifestyle is not an easy task. The pictures you get from advertisements are not sufficient enough. Aside from picture descriptions, one should carefully read through The available descriptions to get essential details. Some of The best sources that you can use when looking for an apartment include newspapers, media sources, website listings, and apartment finders. In general, you should look for an estate that has the best apartments such as Punta Mita Real Estate.Those are some of The best tools that can help you in making an informed decision and narrowing down to The critical issues that you care about most. This write–up is going to guide you in choosing The right apartment when hunting for an apartment offline or online.QualityAs a rule of thumb, you should not trust The pretty pictures that you see online. Individuals who are looking for a rental apartment should make an effort to visit The place in person. Remember that The landlord can fix some cosmetic issues like scratches on the walls, and broken blinds. Some of The critical issues that you should look for when perusing an apartment include bug problems, leaky faucets, safety and health problems, lead paint, dirty air filters, broken HVAC systems, electrical issues, and broken windows among others.The LandlordYour relationship with The landlord is another essential factor that can either break or make your renting experience. One can end up in a rental nightmare if he/she has a landlord who lacks boundaries or who has bad ethics. You can prevent this from happening by meeting The potential landlord and chanting with him. If you are moving into a building that has other tenants, you can ask them about The experience with The landlord.NeighborhoodOne can get a sense of The neighborhood by walking around The neighborhood. You should spend time in that place to access The demographics and The general age of The community. The safety record of an area is another crucial factor that you should investigate when looking for a rental apartment. PriceAnyone who is looking for a rental apartment should find a house that he/she can reasonably afford. For this reason, you should consider your monthly income and budget when looking for an apartment. The best way of checking The price is by doing online research to find out The typical rates of other apartments in The neighbor…
    - 59 days ago, 29 Nov 19, 10:13am -
  • Settling for the Best Roofing Expert
    A roof is a part of the house that helps provide the ideal cover to the house occupants. It helps protect them from harsh weather conditions like the sun, strong winds, and rain. The kind of roof you use in your home will provide you with the shelter you need. Make sure you have the best in your house.If you are constructing a new home, then you should do your research to understand the best type. There are several materials which you can use in roofing your home. The use of metal sheet is common among many homeowners. You can also use tiles and other materials that will ensure you have quality shelter over your head. How your roof has been installed matters.You can hire roofers who will help ensure everything is done perfectly. Most roofing experts do not only do installation but also a replacement. There are times you may be required to replace your roof. It can become worn out as a result of old age.You will notice that your iron sheets may start rusting or algae and other substances may start forming on your tiles. Leakage is also a sign that you need to replace your roof. Leaving it that way will make the stay in your home difficult, especially during the rainy season. The following are some of the things you should consider when hiring a roofing expert.Service RatesYou should consider the amount a specific roofing expert is charging for their services. This may differ depending on some issues like the quality of service offered. Experienced companies or those that are ranked high tend to charge more for installation or replacement service. Consider the quality of service provided as you also look for one costing reasonably.ExperienceYou must consider the level of expertise of the roofing expert you want to hire. Have a look at the number of successful installations, replacements, and repairs they have carried out in the past. The period they have been carrying out this job will also help you pick the best.RatingsYou should also look at how a particular roofing company or expert is ranked in your area. There are so many of them, but not all of them offer the service you may want. You will find different sites where they are ranked according to the kind of service they provide. Look for those who are ranked top.…The post Settling for the Best Roofing Expert appeared first on Inside Home Recording.
    - 4 Apr 19, 9:26am -
  • Choosing the Best Bathtub for Your Bathroom
    A bathtub can easily transform the interior of your bathroom. Since everyone will like to have a place to enjoy a nice bath as he or she winds up or starts the day, it is therefore essential that you find and purchase the best and most comfortable stainless steel bathtub in the market. The good news is that in the current times, finding the perfect one has been made easy if you know how to use online search engines. In this dot com generation, all you need to find and see the different bathtubs available in the city or online stores is a smartphone or a laptop. E-commerce has taken over and made life simpler because not only can you find anything you want online, but you can also order and have them delivered at your front door. However, before making that order for a new bathtub, written here is what you need to consider.MaterialThe most important thing you must consider if you want the best bathtub is the material. As you search online or visit different stores looking for that perfect tub, you will realize that they come in a variety and they are made from different materials. The most common materials used to make bathtubs are cast iron, copper and wood. The choice you will make when purchasing one depends on your personal preference.ColorChoosing the right color when purchasing a tub can also enhance the looks of your bathroom. You will be glad to know that there are a variety of colors that you can choose from to complement the overall theme of your bathroom. However, you should also know that color can also vary depending on the material used to make the tub.Size and ShapeAs you are looking at different tubs, you should not forget to note down the size and shapes. The size and shape also depend on your personal preference. However, you also need to consider your bathroom space. If you have a room with sufficient space, then you are at an advantage because there will be no limitation to the type and size of the bathtub you will purchase.CostThe last but equally important factor to consider is the cost. Money plays a significant role when it comes to buying any product. And the same applies when purchasing a bathtub. There are many types of tubs available in the market today, but they all vary in price. Note that the amount can also vary depending on the store you are making your purchase.…The post Choosing the Best Bathtub for Your Bathroom appeared first on Inside Home Recording.
    - 21 Mar 19, 6:49am -
  • Reasons to Hire a Bedbug Exterminator
    It is essential that you hire the services of a bedbug exterminator if you suspect that you may have bedbugs in your home. These experts will take all necessary measures to ensure that they get rid of all the bugs and any other pests that may be in your home safely and effectively. Some of the top reasons why you should opt for professional bed bug exterminator Baltimore and not home remedies are highlighted below.To Save MoneyIt might cost you some money to get the services of bedbug exterminators, but you will be saving a lot more in the long-run. For starters, the professional exterminators get insecticides at lower prices as they buy in bulk. The saved cost is passed on to you. Secondly, there are various species of bedbugs that are not responsive to certain pesticides. Being professionals, the exterminators will know the exact species that has infested your home and the products to use that will get the job done effectively. You will thus not need to go through the entire extermination process after some time, saving you money.To Reduce RiskInsecticides constitute a significant health hazard to both human and animals. Without being handled the right way, they can cause harm to your family and any pets that you may have. Professional exterminators are well-trained and can use the insecticides safely. They also have to follow specific regulations set by governing bodies that are meant to protect every animal and human from the adverse chemical effects caused by insecticides.To Save TimeThe process of bedbug extermination can be quite demanding and time-consuming. Due to lack of experience, you may have to do it a couple of times before you succeed, which only takes more time. The professional bedbug exterminators have all the expertise and equipment necessary to rid your home of all the bugs within the shortest time possible. You do not even need to be present when the job is being done, meaning that you can invest your time in other duties.To Get AdviceAmong the services that a bedbug exterminator will provide is to offer you relevant information related to your infestation problem. They will tell you how to avoid future infestation by bedbugs and other pests in your home. For example, you will get recommendations on how to deal with possible sources of water and food for the pests, which attract them.…The post Reasons to Hire a Bedbug Exterminator appeared first on Inside Home Recording.
    - 14 Mar 19, 5:34pm -
  • Choosing the Best Outdoor Security Cameras
    Making sure you have quality security cameras installed in your home is the best way to guarantee your home security.Not that intruders will not be able to get in, but for the fact that you will be able to know in advance to trigger your sirens and call the police. If you want to buy security cameras, you will be glad to know that there are many brands and models available out there. However, you need to consider these tips if you want to find the best.BrandThe first thing you must consider when choosing a security camera is the brand. Understand that the brands usually represents everything when it comes to buying any tech gadget. If you are looking for the best security cameras, you should, first of all, do some research and know more about the different brands that are available. You can identify the top quality security camera brands by reading reviews.ModelOne thing you will realize when looking at different security camera brands is that most brands also have different models. And these models usually come with different specifications. Some models have black and white image capturing capabilities while others take colored. Also, some come with night vision capabilities while others record better during the day. The choice you will make will depend on where you intend to use your security camera.PowerThe other essential thing you must consider is powering. Note that there are cameras that can be connected to your home electricity, while there are those that are battery powered. When buying security cameras, you need to consider the possibility of power outages and blackout. Note that once your power is off, your security cameras will also go off unless they have a backup power supply. However, battery-powered cameras do not get affected by power outages.Storage and ConnectivityDifferent cameras store images and videos differently. Some work with SD storage card while others need to be connected to a computer with a cable. Also, there are those that have a wireless connection whereby they take and send images and videos to a storage server via the internet or blue tooth connection. Remember that the type of storage and connectivity can determine the price.…The post Choosing the Best Outdoor Security Cameras appeared first on Inside Home Recording.
    - 25 Feb 19, 12:17pm -
  • How The Soil in Fort Worth Affects Home Foundation Types
    It has been a general knowledge that it is vital to know the geographical aspects of an area, especially if one plans to purchase or build a house in the area. Indeed, the type of soils, the climate, and the average temperatures affect the way how regional home builders build the house. Especially for home structures, the type of land becomes the most vital consideration, and every home constructor needs to be aware of this factor. Thus, building the right structure depending on the condition of the soil is indeed vital to avoid possible home-related issues.As different ground types affect the foundation designs in certain ways, home builders need to be equipped with such knowledge. Fort Worth, with its solid ground, is one of the examples. There are numerous types of soil in Fort Worth affecting the home construction projects, with limestone formations dominating the area. Although the conditions vary in each region, the similar rock formations make builders in the area heavily depend on certain designs to proceed with the task.Different Foundations for Different GroundSandy loams and clay-rich ground are the typical conditions in Fort Worth. For this reason, concrete foundations are ideal for the condition since the structure tends to balance the water absorption. However, please note that the loams are quite sandy that it sometimes allows subsurface water movement. For this reason, once the foundations are built, regular inspections are what the residents need to check the slab. It is because the water movement often leaves gaps and cracks on the floor, especially the garage floor which is usually generated directly from the slab without adding another concrete layer.Another type in the area is the clay-rich ground that is sometimes very difficult to deal with due to its highly absorptive property. Builders usually address the issue by removing the topsoil to build a concrete slab. Quite similar to the above situation, cracks and gaps are also pretty common, requiring regular checking and renovation.The Importance of Soil TestingAlthough the term is quite popular in the field of agriculture, real estate industry also needs the test to provide the builders with necessary information about the type of the ground. The test helps them identify the exact nature of the land and the characteristics. These two kinds of information are vital in coming up with the best and most suitable home foundation types before building the remaining structures.……
    - 25 Jan 19, 11:52pm -

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