Techniques for US Netflix in Canada

Netflix is a giant in today’s entertainment industry and the biggest video streaming site across America. After its inception, the site had expanded its territories back in the 22nd of September 2010 with the main purpose of tapping a potentially big market. With Netflix being around, people are able to enjoy movies that are of DVD and Blu-ray quality minus the great costs. Plus, there is the convenience factor that definitely moulds into the ultimate source of entertainment at the comfort of one’s home.

US Netflix in Canada

Netflix had promised that they will work out with the count at the soonest possible time. Today, the US version of the site offers over 14,000 movies and thousands of TV shows from different channels. On the other hand, the Canadian version only comes with half of that count. Until now, this concern still hasn’t been given action by the site creators themselves. But you know what they say, in every seemingly perfect system, there is always a loophole. All you have to do is be more inquisitive and dig deeper into its depths. So that’s what I did to get US Netflix in Canada.

Doing my own Research

It’s not like Netflix was really my life support, but hey, if you can have twice the number of movies you can watch, why not, right? So one night at home after a long road run from an excursion with the family, I was still filled with energy. That was probably because of the two Red Bull bottles I drank while driving. Anyway, I decided to watch an episode of Dr. House and after that, thought of doing some digging about how I can possibly have the American experience with my Canadian subscription. That time, I wasn’t really if sure if that was in any way possible, but I thought of giving it a go. It’s not like there was anything to lose on my end.

Not long thereafter, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that talked about different mediums that can be put into contemplation by anyone who seeks to go beyond the bars of the Canadian version of Netflix. I hated the fact that it had gone through so many details but I gave it time, though. Later on, it talked about the simplest way to access US exclusive sites which really caught my interest. And that was when I discovered the real purpose of VPN hosting sites.

USA Netflix through VPN Server

You will never really run short on VPN hosting sites out there and it is really amazing to know that the solution to the problem had always been there. It wasn’t even a subtle thing, but rather a purely overlooked matter that really held a good amount of significance. VPN hosting sites are like the keys to all the regions of the world. Right now, I am subscribed to Unblock Us here in Ontario. Though there are free VPN sites available, I chose this one because of how it resonates with the maximum capacity of my internet connection. The subscription is only 5 dollars a month and if you are sceptic about this kind of thing, you might as well try it for free for a good 7 days. For sure, you will find it to be a veritably essential tool with how it can grant you access to any site you would want to from around the world, especially in the US.

If you want to double your movie titles, you should definitely consider using a VPN service. Netflix may have set you with a Canadian agreement, but remember that you can do whatever you like with your subscription.


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