TV and DVD Combo

Do you remember the good old days when VHS and Beta tapes were battling it out?

Boy – even though VHS was the format that won – it didn’t have the staying power to be here with us today.

That is why VHS is a thing of the past and DV has become the main fromat of choice for watching videos on a tv!

There are certain places where a small television under 20 inches would work very well. In fact, in cramped quarters such as a study or a kitchen where you might watch television at close quarters, anything bigger would actually be difficult to enjoy. That’s where a TV and DVD combo comes in.

With a TV and DVD combo, you simply do not have to worry about the mess that goes with combining discrete units. Not only do you need to make room for the TV, you need to find a place to put the set top box or the DVD player down and you have to find extra power outlets to plug them into as well.

There are basically three kinds of TV and DVD combo that you could go with. To begin with, there’s the standard kind that’s simply television that supports itself on a stand, with a slot loaded DVD player on the edge.

The flip-down television model is another possibility. You’ve seen these attached to the ceiling in cars. When you have no space in your kitchen to spare at all, this is the way you need to go.

remote controlI’d rather have a larger tv set, but those flip down televisions are better than nothing at all!

And finally, there are TV and DVD combos that are actually portable. They make these in several designs. Some of them look like boomboxes, except that they have a small 5 inch television where there would have been a cassette player at one time. The laptop style combo is perhaps the oldest kind. We are all familiar with that. With most of these units, you need to make do with something under 9 inches.

Now which do you choose? For the most part, much depends on the kind of
need you have. You need to be aware of the limitations that these players have.

None of these units is high definition. The most that you get is a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Which fits rather neatly in with how the manufacturers never put a Blu-Ray drive in a unit like this.

Nearly every TV and DVD combo these days comes with a digital tuner. That’s a new development today. You even get a digital tuner included in the boombox model and other portables. Many units also include a QAM tuner. This allows you to choose your unit to catch a wireless signal from your set top box in the living room. It can be a great way to get all the digital signals you need, right from your cable connection.

Geeks can really appreciate all the options available to us to enjoy television! It’s easy to catch our favorite tv shows wherever we go!

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