How SEO Optimization Tools Work Using Social Media

In the last five years, the use of social media has exploded exponentially. If before, there were only a few users of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media to promote their websites, now, everyone has an account. This is one of the SEO optimization tools available to promote your site. The more people are aware that your site exists, the more traffic you’ll generate.

Look at it this way, if you have a website geared towards women and yoga, it is best to promote your site in social media by targeting these groups. Facebook will have many groups associated with yoga. As part of your SEO optimization tools, join them and chime into their forums and blogs. Yes, be an active member with no hard selling as some groups forbid this. But by being a presence, they will get to know you and the site you represent. On Facebook, you can be an individual with a business page. The more people know you, the more exposure you get.

Social media has truly become an invaluable tool. But most website owners sometimes run afoul of their Terms of Service. Make sure you operate within their guidelines, otherwise, you may be permanently banned. Use social media responsibly and you will get “friends” and “likes” that will certainly drive up your page visits.

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