How To Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

Most people have smartphones now. And most people are using social media on their smart phones. It can be Facebook, Viber, Linked-in, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, just to name a few. These are powerful platforms and you can harness them on how to increase website traffic, if you know how to use them. So how do you start using social media to drive traffic to your site?

First, find out which among social media platforms is best suited for your site. If you have a brick and mortar store or restaurant, a Facebook page is definitely recommended. Tell your friends about it and ask them to “like” it. This way, it appears on their feed and then their friends can see it, too. Curiosity will drive website traffic to your site and that’s a good start!

Second, if you are a restaurant, then Twitter can be your best friend. Tweet specials to your followers. Give them a coupon code, and tell them to visit your site. How to increase website traffic requires creativity, and with social media, you can unleash your creativity with passion. Just don’t go overboard. Remember, it is a business you are representing.

Increase website ranking by being an authority and a trusted name in your field. Search engines love these sites. Be one and see your search rankings increase, too. Being on that first page in Google will drive business to your site!

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