Arrow Three Ghosts Episode Review and WoW Movie Announcement

It is another great time to do a review of episodes released by Netflix and an upcoming movie release announcement taken part by them. With your Netflix access in Canada, you may have been able to experience these two awesome digital entertainment passages. But anyway, let’s carry on!

As exciting as this episode of DC and CW’s episode might be, I will try my very best to write as few spoilers as possible, because I know it would be useless to write a review of this episode without ever having to give out some details about this very interesting episode for all comic book and Green Arrow fans alike.

This week fans of Arrow just bear witness to a jaw dropping, heart pumping and very revealing episode of DC’s very own television series Arrow. Though the series has been going on for 2 seasons now, let me just clarify that this episode is very much worth writing a review for, simply because of the wonderful things that transpired during its 43 minutes airing time.

One of the good points in this episode of Arrow is the showcasing of not only one major DC character, but other minor characters as well (as we have witnessed in their previous episodes). Featured in this episode is the reappearance of none other than Barry Allen, who will later be famously known as The Flash, protector of Central City. And have been reported to have its very own series as a spin-off of Arrow. Another character that we can see during this episode is the villain Cyrus Gold, a villain imbued with superhuman strength and is under the command of Brother Blood, which in turn is under the command of a more powerful individual who will probably give Oliver Queen and his gang some real problems in the future. This individual is actually revealed in this episode but for the sake of those who still haven’t watched it yet, I will not do so.

In this episode Oliver Queen comes face to face with people from his past, hence the title “Three Ghosts”. These “ghosts” actually helped Oliver in realizing his real purpose of donning the hood while dealing with some minor problems of his own. This is also the first time some people from the island are actually seen on the “present” setting of Arrow. This is also the episode where Oliver Queen dumps his green eye dye to the Green Arrow mask we all know and love. And whose idea was it for him to change the mask? Watch it.

This one.


With all the exciting twists and turns this episode has shown, I personally would rate this episode 9/10, with a very little room for improvement. Since the beginning of this series CW and Arrow has really stepped it up with every episode, and they have actually stepped up big time for this one. For those who haven’t seen Arrow or those who have held back due to recent letdowns in comic based television series, this actually is a show worth viewing.

World of Warcraft Movie, The Long Wait Is Over

Geeks and nerds from all over the globe have been waiting for one thing for a very long time since the idea was conceptualized and announced a couple of years ago. The film adaptation of one of the most successful franchise in the history of PC gaming which has been the center of talks between gaming enthusiasts from all walks of life. This particular game my friends, is called World of Warcraft. And it will finally be on the big screens soon enough, as recent reports said.

How World of Warcraft Could Break the “Sucky Video Game Movie” Curse – io9

World of Warcraft the movie will be produced by Legendary Pictures; the same company that brought you the recent Batman movies, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans, Inception, 300 and even the upcoming Godzilla remake. This alone would make nerds and geeks of all ages giggle in excitement. And if that’s not good enough news for you, it will start filming next year in Vancouver, proof that the movie will not be a full CG animation film like some other movie adaptations of other video games in the past.

The game is set to be released in 2015, possibly clashing with the most awaited book based movies like Avengers 2, Man of Steel 2, Fantastic 4 reboot, The Hunger Games as well as Assassin’s Creed the movie, which we all know is from a video game as well.

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