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Summer is right around the corner, most people’s plans on what to do then involve the beach. Unfortunately, many of those plans involve no activity that is more adventurous than watching videos on iPads on the beach. Seen this way, iPads and iPhones do become great examples of the Gadget World. But that’s not the kind of outdoors gadget that we have in mind today. For those who really want to take the outdoors by the horns and really experience it, the kind of gadgets you get are not only useful, they are full of features you couldn’t ever get to see on a merely mortal iPhone. So when did the manufacturers suddenly realize that there was a market to be served in action oriented gadgetry? There’s a simple answer to that. They realized that when they found that the general consumer electronics market was dropping off every year at an unbelievable 10%. When you target a niche segment, you get to charge higher prices. That’s always a welcome way to go. Right?

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So what kind of action do they make gargets these for? Do you love fishing? No, there isn’t an app for that (or is there?). But there is a high-tech gadget with a sonar that will help you zero in on where to catch is. How about waterproof MP3 players between that like it wet and wild, or wearable video cameras for surfers that can really take you to the centre of the action? Let’s look at a few of them now, shall we?

Let’s start with that intriguing hi tech gadget for the angler – a market of 50 million people, by the way. Sonar devices have become reasonably popular over the last couple of years. Beam your sonar under the surface of a river, a lake or even the ocean; the sound waves go deep down, and a screen you hold in your hand displays a proper image of what lies down there. They usually cost anything upwards of $100, depending on how powerful they are and how large the screen is that the show you the picture on. Of course, electronic bait and battery-powered reels are a lot of fun. But it’s really something else to have high-tech gadget that’ll actually map it for you. Talk about an unequal contest for the fish.

Wearable cameras are the biggest thing in outdoors gadgetry these days. The Looxcie, for instance, a wireless camera you wear on your ear and that has a solid 5-hour recording capacity in a form that’s about the size of your little finger, is a great little innovation. But it isn’t truly outdoorsy. Because it isn’t weather proof. For that, you have a bunch of great products that sell for no more than $400, that are waterproof, shock resistant and that come with suction cups. These are really inexpensive products like the $300 Liquid Image camera that comes strapped to a scuba helmet. It gives you high definition video of everything you look at with commendable colour accuracy.

There is much more to be had in the outdoors hi-tech gadget world. For instance, there those who say that you haven’t really swum until you done it with crystal-clear audio slamming away at your eardrums when you are underwater. It’s all about the taming the outdoors

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