Spotify Has Improved But Needs Ratings or It Will die

While I have to say I still miss some of the features of the old music player software I was using before Spotify and iTunes came around, I will say Spotify has improved.

The ability to play related songs is very cool. It helps me find new music.

What I don’t understand though is why they continue to omit the ratings of songs???

Don’t they realize that people have a personal library of songs and like to rate them?

That omission is a mystery to me. After all if they want to take me away from Apple iTunes and my music library they need to give me the features I need to properly organize my music collection.

Being able to rate songs makes it easy to play only the good ones when wanted and also create playlists that are better.

On iTunes I can quickly make playlists of “only 5’s” or 4 and above.

If you want a great playlist this is the best way to do it.

Need to find good songs fast and put them on a cd or send to other devices? Sort by rating and you can do it fast!

Unfortunately you can’t do it in Spotify. You can in iTunes and most other jukebox music software players.



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