Get into One of Those TV Game Shows

Well, those TV game shows are looking for people who can be interesting. When you get invited to the audition, you’d better look out for a way to make your story as interesting as possible. It isn’t about playing the game well alone. They want you to be interesting human subjects. They want to be able to introduce you in such a way that everyone Pokemon Go Coins Hack will be hooked right away on what a unique kind of person you are. So if you are a circus performer, you can consider yourself a shoo-in next to someone who is just an accountant.

What do you do if you’re a freak in any way? Well, you could consider remembering interesting things that have happened to you. If you used to weigh 400 pounds, but now only weight 150, that would make you interesting. If you got lost on a family trip to China and found your way back home, that would make your story interesting. In short, TV game shows want compelling human interest stories. Wherever they come from.

Before you hanker after winning a spot on a show and then winning a lot of money, consider how much you actually make. Those winnings are taxed, you know. If you already make a good living as a couple – say, $140,000 a year for instance – even a $5000 win could push you over into another tax bracket.

Whatever happens at the show, this much is for sure – you’ll waste a full day there. It will be insanely boring as you wait your turn. And oh, you’ll be sequestered. If you want to go to the bathroom, you’ll have a bodyguard who will make sure that you don’t consult with anyone in any way.

When you’re up there on stage doing whatever the game show requires you to do, you feel great because everyone’s applauding, there’s fanfare and music for everything you say and do. If it’s a popular game show that you’re in, you’ll find that once you come home, you’re kind of a celebrity. And not in a good way. Every mistake you make, people are going to hate you for it. Every time you are right , people will hate you for it. There’ll be love to, but next to the hate, it will often kind of pale in comparison.

Not all game shows give out cash, of course. Sometimes, they give cars and stuff. When you do win a big-ticket item like that, you’ll be paying taxes on it. You’ll be paying taxes on the MSRP and not the dealership price that’s often much lower.

Often, TV game shows can be a very frustrating experience if you aren’t used to this. Your competition is often professionally equipped. They’ve done this forever. And they have very quick reflexes. Often, those reflexes are what win for you.

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